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. . . focuses on the current TSA effort to fundamentally transform us.

Here’s Rush Monday beginning with the core of his brilliance,

“I don’t care how you slice this, this is a police state.”[T]hey’re still going through the violations of the Fourth Amendment.  And they haven’t captured a single terrorist.

RUSH: I don’t even think it’s residual.  It’s purposeful, the damage to the airline industry that this is causing.  You watch what’s gonna happen this week.  The day before Thanksgiving, ostensibly the busiest travel day of the year, wait and see what happens here. You wait and see how long the delays are.  I will be interested to see how many people miss their flights, miss their connections. I want to see how over the top the inspections are.  ‘Cause you read this Atlantic piece, it’s clear from The Atlantic piece that the agents were more or less instructed to try to scare people back to the scanner.  

QUOTE: “Several TSA officers heard me choose the pat-down, and they reacted in a way meant to make the ordinary passenger feel very badly about his decision. One officer said to a colleague who was obviously going to be assigned to me, ‘Get new gloves, man, you’re going to need them where you’re going.’  The agent snapped on his blue gloves, and patiently explained exactly where he was going to touch me. … ‘I’m going to run my hands up your thighs, and then feel your buttocks, then I’m going to reach under you until I meet –‘  ‘Resistance?’ I interrupted.  ‘Yes, resistance. Do you want to go into a private room?’ he asked.” 

RUSH: So they’re trying to steer people into the naked scanners, where they’re also playing their little games.  Don’t think for a moment those images are gonna be deleted fully.  You get some hunk of an athlete going through there who’s maybe using steroids and therefore has a lot of shrinkage in the junk area you think that picture is not gonna be sent out for everybody to see?  

I don’t care how you slice this, this is a police state.  Whatever the intention is, and even if you are not subjected to an over-the-top pat-down, they’re still taking your belt off and your shoes off and they’re still going through the violations of the Fourth Amendment.  And they haven’t captured a single terrorist.  What they’re doing is not gonna capture a terrorist, but they are irreparably, perhaps, harming the airline industry.  This is Obama, folks.  You could almost say that this is the regime taking steps to subject everyone to the notion of a police state.  Here’s what it’s gonna be, get used to it.  This is how it’s gonna be.  This is how it’s gonna be in America.  One thing that leads me to believe here that The Atlantic story has some truth to it, yesterday on CBS Slay the Nation, host Bob Schieffer interviewed Hillary, who, according to James Carville, if she gave up one gonad to Obama, she would still have more than he does.  Carville said that.  He said if you’re offended, I’m not sorry and I’m not apologizing.  So there’s Hillary on there, Bob Schieffer says, “There’s a big uproar in the country now about these new pat-downs going on as people try to get on airplanes.  Do you think it’s necessary in the war against terrorism, or should we take another look at this?”

HILLARY:  We’re doing this because the terrorists keep getting more creative about what they do to hide explosives in, you know, crazy things like underwear, so clearly there is a need.  Now, if there is a way to limit the number of people who are going to be put through surveillance, that’s something that I’m sure can be considered, but everybody’s trying to do the right thing.

SCHIEFFER:  Madam Secretary —

HILLARY:  — and I understand how difficult it is and how offensive it must be for the people who are going through it.

RUSH:  And then Schieffer said this.

SCHIEFFER:  But would you submit to one of these pat-downs?

HILLARY:  Not if I — not if I could avoid it, no, I mean who would?  (laughing).

RUSH:  Okay, that sound is the sound made by the Arkansas broad beam.  It’s a living organism out there.  (laughing) But there you have Mrs. Clinton saying I wouldn’t go through it, no, “Not if I could avoid it, no.”  How do you avoid it?  There’s the scanner.  If I could avoid it, I wouldn’t go through it. (interruption) No, I wouldn’t want to see the scanner.  That truly is distracting, Mr. Snerdley, and I really don’t want to be distracted here.  If I were the terrorists and I can see them sitting over there in the cave laughing themselves silly.  They send a guy over with ostensibly a bomb in the underwear and now look what we’re doing.  We’re searching everybody’s underwear.  They send a bomb over here in somebody’s breast, now we’re making women take their prosthetic breasts out for examination.  If I were the terrorists and knowing how they feel about women, the next terrorist would be a female Tampax bomber.  Can you imagine what the Transportation Safety Administration would do if we captured somebody that tried to get a bomb here in the Tampax?

If I’m Ayman al-Zawahiri, or whoever these guys are, I’m having fun looking at all the commotion that they are causing and the assault on the airline industry that they’re causing, and now you have Mrs. Clinton saying, “Well, I wouldn’t go through it if I didn’t have to.”  And then in Portugal: “President Barack Obama stood by new controversial screening measures Saturday, calling methods such as pat-downs and body scans necessary to assure airline safety. Speaking at a NATO press conference in Lisbon, Portugal, the president called the balance between protecting travelers’ rights and their security a ‘tough situation.'” So I guess we’re gonna have to stand on one shoe now, be properly balanced as they go through the searches.

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