Working With Neighbors —Sort of.

I share the same area (Minneapolis – St. Paul) with Power Line’s John Hinderaker and Scott Johnson.

This is a repackage of Hinderaker’s post and an introduction to Johnson’s profound and important post Tuesday. Do not miss following the link to the rest of Johnson’s post.

It’s Complicated, December 7, 2010, Posted by John

Michael Ramirez on what needs to be done to bring our fiscal crisis under control:

Of course, as Scott pointed out earlier today, it is a lot easier to figure out where to cut spending if you begin by asking, what is the proper role of the federal government?


Last week the American Enterprise Institute convened a debate between Rep. Paul Ryan and New York Times columnist David Brooks on the subject of limited government. As advertised, Rep. Ryan was to deliver the case for limited government and Brooks was to counter with the case for “energetic” government. The debate was triggered by the Wall Street Journal column co-authored by Rep. Ryan with AEI president Arthur Brooks and David Brooks’s column responding to it. (Rep. Ryan continued the exchange here. Charles Murray commented here.)

AEI has posted the video of the debate. . . Finnish here.

Keep in mind, Representative Paul Ryan, incoming Chairman of the House Budget Committee, is a powerhouse and one of the good guys.


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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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