Democrats: Never Let a Good (Wellstone) Memorial Go To Waste

This post is not about the Memorial Wednesday in Tucson. That was for the six Americans who were so tragically murdered. By definition, it was not for the surviving Congresswoman Giffords. No one should complain about the remarks of the four politicians. The conduct of the University of Arizona was Bazaar. But who brought the T shirts? This question requires an answer.

This post is about the over-the-top —out of bounds— conduct of the left since the tragic shooting of Congresswoman Giffords. These people are vicious, they are filled with hate and they respect nothing as they reach for power.  As we saw in Democrats Gone Wild —1987, the roots go way back —they are deep. In the 1960’s they occupied the universities and the streets. In the 1970’s they took over the Democrat party and big media. In the 1980’s and beyond we had spectacles like the Judge Bork and Justice Thomas hearings. In October, 2002 Senator Paul Wellstone, his wife, daughter and three campaign aids died in a tragic plane accident. This “opportunity” could not go to waste.

The Wellstone Memorial

The only video I can find of the Wellstone Memorial is a 3hour 17 minute c-span’s production. The first 31 minutes are before the event begins. The Rick Kahn diatribe starts at about 1:52:30. The Senator Tom Harkin diatribe starts at about 2:47:20

Connect to C-SPAN HERE  

 Kahn told the crowd of roughly 20,000: “We are begging you to help us win this Senate election for Paul Wellstone.” He urged Republicans to give up their opposition and let Mondale win with bipartisan support–a clever invocation of bipartisanship to achieve a partisan end, the election of a Democrat. Kahn even called on my Republican  representative, Jim Ramstad, by name, saying he should help Democrats win the Senate race. He later started a chant (one of several) Organize, organize, organize, organize, organize; the20,000 roared: Organize, organize, organize, organize, organize, organize, organize, organize, organize, organize, organize, organize, organize.

This “Wellstone Memorial” is an icon for a fundamentally transformed America. Former President and Senator Clinton were there. Former Vice President and Eleanor Mondale were there. Former Vice President Gore was there. About half the US Senate was there clapping and stomping and and chanting, “organize!”

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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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