The Democrat Budget Has Plenty of Room for Spending!

Update Below

No Need For Cutting! Everything’s O.K.

But Wait! Americans know better. We just do not know the facts and they are harder to come by and understand than a Coors Light Cold Activated Bottle or the next needed “App” for my iphone. And another thought, what does the Congressional Budget office do anyway besides conclude Obamacare is revenue neutral. You are about to find out. You and I know a tidal wave when we see one.

Right. You are right. we are ready to look at the facts —Cold Activated Bottle-like facts.


  1. This is not accumulated debt. This is annual spending on three entitlements as a percentage of the economy.
  2. The CBO made no assumptions for future changes in Federal Government revenue as a percentage of the economy. Here is a fuller, more compelling picture with all spending categories.

So there you are. And, more importantly, here we are. We are the generation called to fix this. We cannot wait. We must act. Our action must happen in two steps.

  • Step one; we must insist that all worthy forms of the “Cowboy Poetry Festival” find private or local funding. (This includes functions such as government education.)
  • Step two; we must reform/phase out entitlements. Yes, I said phase out. Of course these are essential functions in American life but they are not best performed as government programs. The phasing out will take years. We must start now.

We must have a national conversation about this over the next 17 months then make our decision November 6, 2012. The work and supervision begins January 7, 2013. But this day we have clarity.

Update: A poll done for Bloomberg News was released Wednesday after I wrote this post. It adds a third dimension to the clear challenge graphed above. Here is a clip from the results:

I’m sending you to Hot Air instead of Bloomberg for the rest. That way, you’ll get great analysis from Allahpundit, a writer at If you want Bloomberg and internals, you’ll find links there.

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