Can You Say, “Muslim Brotherhood?”

We all know there is no hope of a free government in Libya. I did post on the outrageous arrogance of Obama as he disregarded the Constitution and the Congress. Many Americans continue to have hope for Liberty in Egypt. Their hope is an Illusion. In nine post from January 30, to February 1. to February 2, to February 6, to February 8, to February 12, to February 17February 21, to March 6, I have consistently revealed the reality in Egypt —Muslim Brotherhood control.

Things have not changed. According to the New York Times, Egyptian voters overwhelmingly approved a referendum Sunday for 8 constitutional amendments. The Army seems to want out of governing. The fix was in here. This quick pace insures the Muslim Brotherhood will run the government in Egypt. It will be an “Islamic Republic” before the end of the year. The times reported:

More than 14.1 million voters, or 77.2 percent, approved the constitutional amendments; 4 million, or 22.8 percent, voted against them. The turnout of 41 percent among the 45 million eligible voters broke all records for recent elections, according to the Egyptian government.

It is clear that those seeking freedom were among the 22.8 percent. This bit of the Times report is telling:

“It is very, very disappointing,” said Hani Shukrallah, who is active in a new liberal political party and is the editor of Ahram Online, a news Web site.

He and many other opponents of the referendum said religious organizations had spread false rumors, suggesting that voting against the referendum would threaten Article 2 of the Constitution, which cites Islamic law as the main basis for Egyptian law.

“I saw one sign that said, ‘If you vote no you are a follower of America and Baradei, and if you vote yes you are a follower of God,’ ” he said. “The idea is that Muslims will vote yes and Copts and atheists will vote no.”

The road is now clear for early elections in May and July or August. Expect the new Civilian government to offer a new (Islamic Republic) constitution to be voted in before the end of the year. Then, the Muslim Brotherhood rules and their motto becomes the real law of Egypt.

Allah is our objective, The Prophet is our leader, Qur’an is our law, Jihad is our way and Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.

This is all O.K. for the American government. Except for Al Qaeda, Islam is hunky dory.

In another development, Egyptian Airlines has removed Israel from their maps.

How’s Obama’s war in Libya going? Check it out here.   

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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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