Spotting Hogwash Instantly

When I wrote about THE STALKING OF ANN ALTHOUSE, I identified Professor Althouse as my Madison source on union thug activity at the Wisconsin Capitol.  This UW Law professor and her cosmo-husband have been accurate, even-handed and, as a bonus, interesting. My visits to the Althouse blog quickly revealed a mind that spots hogwash wherever it’s thrown. Look what she did with the Wednesday NYT news report from Libya and the blather of the insufferable NYT commentator, Thomas Friedman.

“Pro-Qaddafi Forces Push Rebels Into Chaotic Retreat.”

The NYT reports:

Forces loyal to Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi advanced rapidly on Wednesday, seizing towns they ceded just days ago after intense allied airstrikes and hounding rebel fighters into a chaotic retreat….

There were few signs of the punishing airstrikes that reversed the loyalists’ first push.

Did God not hear Thomas Friedman’s prayer?!

I am proud of my president, really worried about him, and just praying that he’s lucky…

I hope Qaddafi’s regime collapses like a sand castle, that the Libyan opposition turns out to be decent and united and that they require just a bare minimum of international help to get on their feet. Then U.S. prestige will be enhanced and this humanitarian mission will have both saved lives and helped to lock another Arab state into the democratic camp.

Dear Lord, please make President Obama lucky.

“[A]nother Arab state into the democratic camp,” indicates Libya wouldn’t be the first. Gee, I wonder what Arab state that could be? Old Tom did not say. O.K., that’s the bully in me taking shots at an easy target. The cynic asks, “Did Tom just inoculated Obama against his certain failure in Libya?” It’s God’s fault.

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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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