“Debating Compact Florescent Light (CFL) Is So Passé; We Won That Battle.”

Really? Maybe Not Quite

Edmund Contoski, author of MAKERS AND TAKERS: How Wealth and Progress are Made and How They are Taken Away or Prevented, has a well researched, compelling

article at the American Thinker today, The CFL Fraud. You and I know the entire CFL hoax is designed to compel us to settle for second rate (in this case) lighting and to fill the General Electric (tax free) coffers. What we haven’t know is the CFL risk.

Contoski shows that the risk is high and dangerous with a dozen specific instances of destruction and danger to health from CFLs. But he does more; he reveals how we are being purposely misled. Go to Contoski At American Thinker to get it all. Then come back here for your introduction to the race.

The Green Race for 2011? It’ll be so special, the Volt vs. the Leaf ! We don’t have to wait! Let’s start with the Volt, Government Motors, you know.

 What more could an American driver want? The 32,500 price can be reduced up to $7,500 by a Federal subsidy. Isn’t that special? The good news just started. The Volt driving range is 25 to 40 miles (average 35). Now, if you plan well, you can plug in at your destination and be all recharged for your planet saving drive home. The “small four cylinder” gasoline engine can recharge your battery. Or, if you want a break from your little charade, just use your “small four cylinder” gasoline engine to drive (kinda) like the rest of us.

Now on to the Japanese green competition Leaf.

What more could an American driver want? The 32,500 price can be reduced up to $7,500 by a Federal subsidy. Isn’t that special? But the driving range for your Leaf is a spectacular 100 miles! What if you do not quite get there. Is there a “small four cylinder” gasoline engine to get you to an electrical outlet? No, no. Nothing as gaushe as that. This car is completely inoffensive to “our mother.” Zero emissions. You may have to walk or get a tow from time to time. But unlike the Volt, with the “small four cylinder” gasoline engine, your Leaf has Zero emissions. Nisson hasn’t said if there are also zero emissions in design, production, shipping, marketing, sales and dealer services.

It’ll be interesting to see what those Volt or Leaf purchasers choose the next time they buy a car. My money is on a V-6, 24 valve BMW with no rebate and plenty of acceleration. Oh, and when you talk to someone that actually bought one, try not to explain that the “clean” electricity was actually generated with—er—coal.

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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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