What He Did Was Almost Unimaginable

Ronald Reagan would say, our job is not complicated it is just not easy. Our job is to restore our culture and government at every level. We must focus on the out of control Federal government which spends 35% too much. Our hard job will be much easier if we have a spokesman who can lead with clarity, focus and inspiration for restoration, the work at hand.

Speaker Newt Gingrich filled that role brilliantly at David Horowitz’ Restoration Weekend 2009. Horowitz had the Speaker back in again for Restoration Weekend 2010. I couldn’t have more thrilled Wednesday with the substance and style of Speaker Gingrich’s 2 minute video announcement that he is running for the Republican nomination for President.

I have some horses in the 2012 race for the Presidential nomination. My former governor, Tim Pawlenty is on his way to announce his candidacy. We are not close personally but I contend Governor Pawlenty was the best governor in Minnesota history. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, a personal friend, has become a star spokeswoman for the Constitutional Conservative movement and a de facto leader of the Tea Parties. She is exploring a run for the Presidency. Then there is Sarah Palin. If she decides to run, ya betja she’d be in the mix immediately for my support.

But the Speaker stepped squarely on the path for my support Wednesday. Less than four days later, he proved the naysayers right. Sunday morning, on Meet the Press, Speaker Gingrich succeeded in one segment of agreeing with a mandatory approach in Obamacare and throwing one of our champions, Congressman Paul Ryan, under the bus. How bad was it? For me, what he did was almost unimaginable. Can Speaker Gingrich afford the loss of enthusiasm he caused in those like me? Perhaps. But the damage is great. At best he’ll need to spend resources recovering from a foolish blunder. At worst, The Speaker exposed a big government control mindset that I hadn’t seen and none of us can tolerate. We will be watching.

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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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  1. Frank Rocca says:

    I cannot believe the reaction conservatives have had to Newt Gingrich’s interview on Meet the Press. He was a forthright spokesman for a perfectly brilliant plan to put our government back on the right track. His reaction against Ryan’s plan made perfect sense, if you consider what happens when a tightly controlled governmental web of bureaucracy is suddenly yanked apart. You get the post-Soviet Union Russia, with it’s economic chaos, absent of the necessary interim regulations that enable the air in the bloated balloon to be let out gradually, so that it doesn’t go flat all at once! To call Newt Gingrich not sufficiently conservative, but to put Romney up as being one, is not only ridiculous, it’s stupidly dangerous. Gingrich is THE ONLY POLITICIAN with ideas and a mind capable of implementing them. Not only ideas, but an actual PLAN, which if implemented in the way he designed, would make rapid work of the deficits and of our miserably overbloated governmental structure. Where in Hell is Ryan’s plan for THAT. All Ryan’s plan does is address one part of one area of our economic problem. Moreover, Gingrich’s notion that everyone SHOULD pay at least a part of his/her own healthcare and that NO ONE should be able to place him/herself at the mercy of his neighbor MAKES SENSE! I am a long time and very committed libertarian small “r” republican, committed to our constitutional system and our free-trade way of life. Gingrich is the ONLY candidate who can do for my country what I want done. Daniels and Pawlenty do not have the philosophic grasp of what must be done. Romney is an idiot with a huge ego. Palin and Bachman are a joke! If one of the latter could beat Obama, what would they do AFTERWARDS? Newt Gingrich knows what to do, and not to support him over ANY AND ALL of the others, is to give the Democrats, yet another free pass! Please think about this and read what Gingrich has written and said over the years. I believe you will wind up regretting not supporting him. Also, we should concern ourselves less with electability and more with policy and theory! It isn’t less practical. It’s MORE practical.

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