August 25, 2011 a Pew Research Study found that Michele Bachmann (among others) had virtually no chance of securing the Republican nomination. That same day, the St. Louis Cardinals began an improbable and  historic climb from 10 1/2 games behind National League wild-card leader Atlanta to make the playoffs in the final game of the season and you know the rest.

Thursday night, with other Minnesota Bachmann supporters, I had the pleasure and honor to attend a dinner in Minneapolis with Congresswoman Bachmann and her husband, Marcus. I went home to watch the St. Louis Cardinals, down two games to three to the Texas Rangers, face the last strike of the game, series and season—twice.

As the world knows, the Cardinals David Freeze, with two out and two strikes, hit a triple scoring two runners to tie the game at seven. In the 10th inning, Texas’ Josh Hamilton hit a two run homer to put The Rangers up 9 to 7. In the bottom of the inning, Lance Berkman, on a 2-2 pitch, hit a two out single driving in 2 runs to tie the game at 9. Then David Freeze led off bottom of the 11th with a game winning homer. The Cardinals rolled through a game seven that Texas failed to make competitive or interesting to win their 11th World Series.

Oh yes, my dinner with the Bachmann campaign? It was perfect. Her event staff put it all together perfectly. She had senior staff there—mature, strong, prepared, passionate, focused and committed. But, is she prepared, fit and ready? When the Congresswoman spoke, she dispelled any question that may have existed. Check her out.

My friend, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is one of two candidates you can trust to lead America back to her promise as that shining city on a hill. As you watch Cardinal fans celebrate their championship gained against impossible odds, don’t count my friend out.

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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