“We The People”

~A force to turn the Democrats out and turn the Republicans inside out!

~Showing up for the hard work and to restore America —to the glory of God!

I have a daily email letter to patriots. I started featuring new candidates for congress; extraordinary people who courageously and clearly lay out the task and tha road ahead. As this project was underway, the idea of a list of remarkable candidates online was born. Why the Liberty List? With the focus on repealing, replacing rescuing and restoring, the Liberty List was just natural.

Here is an exciting thing: this not the only list. There are many! We’ll highlight some here in the next days starting today with The Election Day Tea Party  list.

“A group of volunteer tea party activists from every corner of America has come together to compile this list of the top 50 races in the House of Representatives. These incumbents in many cases voted for both the Stimulus and Obamacare. Of the 435 races currently underway for the control of your seats in Congress, these are the 50 contests where your individual efforts can help the challengers win.

“This race is bigger than Barack Obama. It’s bigger than Nancy Pelosi. The 2010 election cycle has been rightly called the most important election of our lifetime for a reason. November 2 is our time of choosing. Will our republic succumb to the assault on our freedom by the Ruling Class currently controlling Congress? Or will We the People come to the polls in November and once again bury tyrannical designs in the ashcan of history?

“We the People choose to save the republic.”

This list overlaps significantly with The Liberty List. That is good. When We the People think clearly, we are on the same page. But even better, perhaps half of their fine list of 50 are different. You’ll want to check out the Election Day Tea Party Top 50 Here.

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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