(Radical leftists include the Democrat party, the Academy and the old media, in other words, Progressivism; Islamism includes all Muslim voices promoting any aspect of Shariah law anywhere.)

And the “one flesh?” The first Muslim elected to Congress, Minnesota’s 5th District Congressman, Keith Ellison. I live in the adjoining Minnesota 3rd Congressional District, a perfectly good subject for a post sometime. The 5th is next door, Minneapolis.

Ellison is for

  • PEACE. In other (Code Pink) words, America capitulates to our enemies and sells out our friends.
  • PROSPERITY FOR WORKING FAMILIES. This covers every Progressive-Shariah scheme to take your property in the name of special interest identity groups. Of course this only works after successfully selling a belief that coveting and stealing is a virtue.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY. The method of choice for confiscating your work, your assets, your and your children’s future and your freedom.
  • CIVIL AND HUMAN RIGHTS. This is the Progressive-Islam subterfuge used to diminish your Liberty.

Keith Ellison. In him, the two are indeed one flesh. We have a walking, talking, conniver who will promote forcing elements of Shariah and homosexual “norming” in the same school, church or business at the same time. Schizophrenic, I know. Go here for a perfect example.

Well, Ellison has stepped up, in the name of “peaceful Islam,” to rage against Juan Williams and label him a bigot. Therefore, you and I are bigots.

Of course I profile. Of course we must act against Islamist terrror in America and across the world. We have seen 20,000 Islamist acts of terror in the world since 911. That is an average of 6 every day. Of course I stand against the aggressive push for Shariah we have right here in America.

As sincere as he clearly is, Dr. Jasser in Arizona is not the face of Islam in America, this man,

 Nehad Awad is. He is the executive director of the 911 co-conspirator Council on American-Islamic Relations. There is no doubt, the sharp pressure from CAIR caused NPR to summarily dismiss Juan Williams. There is no doubt Minnesota’s 5th District Progressive-Shariah Congressman, Keith Ellison is doing CAIR’s work.

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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