Speaking in Iowa in September, Sarah Palin said, “The need is great heading into these midterm elections. The needs are great because the cause is great. The cause? The Great Awakening of America! And the need? Truth in America.” . . . . “It’s We The People, the average, everyday, hardworking  American people —the Patriots who will turn this around. It’s the voters who will stop these leftist policies; this fundamental transformation of America. . . . It’s the Patriot who will restore America”

There is much to unpack there and, in the weeks ahead, I will. The point here is Palin just dropped into her speech, “[T]he Great Awakening of America. I have, with several friends, noticed, in these past months, a Great Awakening is underway. Perhaps David Barton at WallBuilders in Texas leads in understanding this. I will also be returning to this exciting occurrence on earth in the coming weeks.

But enjoy, with me, this posting by Stuart Schwartz (a favorite of mine), at the American Thinker. He wrote:

“. . . [G]ratitude is what the president wants, and gratitude is what he will get on Tuesday. Barack Obama, through a unique blend of excess and incompetence, has authored a new Great Awakening, that eighteenth-century religious revival that unified American Christians in a common understanding of religion and faith. In the Obama Great Awakening, Americans are rediscovering the truths that progressivism has labored to erase. So thank you, Barack Obama, for helping to unite a nation around truths that include:

1. Smart people ain’t so smart. Obama has assembled a collection of bureaucrats who — their walls papered with advanced degrees — are hailed, in the words of New York Times Obamaphile David Brooks, as an “educated class” born to lead. But the nation is about to say thanks, for this collection of brainiacs has ruined everything it has touched. Yes, the head of the Obama energy department is a Nobel Prize-winning physicist who can theorize like nobody’s business. But ask him to put boats on the Gulf to clean up the oil and he will appoint a panel of academics to study the carbon footprint of the marine diesel engine — forget the boats, leave the oil, and cut me a piece of that green energy pie-in-the-sky. Meanwhile, even the president’s own oil spill commission “blasted” what one progressive historian called “the smartest guy ever to become president” for his inept response to the spill.

Health care, anyone? Harvard policymakers created a blueprint for a medical future that is already delivering “high costs, red tape,” and a dramatically expanded bureaucracy. Guided by Obama and a Democrat Congress, the best and brightest, envision the ideal big-city emergency room of the future as a service staffed by a doctor, a nurse, 180 administrators, and 499 physician assistants hired and trained by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

2. Dumb people ain’t so dumb. Thank you, Barack Obama —  results matter. Teleprompters and professional politicians are out; real people with real lives are in. Sarah Palin is dumb, Sharron Angle is stupid, and Rand Paul isn’t even smart enough to give a god a proper name (I mean, “Aqua Buddha“? C’mon — makes you long for the good ol’ days of Zeus, Apollo, and Ted, the last a progressive god who just made the journey down the River Styx). But Investor’s Business Daily praised Palin for the Tea Party revolution, even the Washington Post says Angle in Nevada is poised to take down the most powerful Democrat in the U.S. Senate, and Aqua Buddha will soon join John Kerry in that Mount Olympus of privilege, the U.S. Senate. Tea Party dumb —  just what the country needs .” Read it all HERE.

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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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