TODAY IS THE START I do not agree with Dan Freeman’s label, “The new Axis of Evil,” for his list at Big Government, but the list is a great start. Wheather or not Dan continues with this project, we will here. But we start today with Dan’s dirty dozen:

“No doubt, the list can be debated and expanded, but here, at least is a starting point—the dirty dozen if you will, with a few prime examples included.

  1. Old Media (ACB, CBS, CNN, NBC, NPR, NY Times)
  2. Engorged Public Unions (SEIU, NEA, AFSCME)
  3. Global Socialist Elites (Robert McChesney, Andy Stern, George Soros)
  4. Liberal “Think” Tanks (Media Matters, Center for American Progress, ThinkProgress)
  5. America Hating Academics (Noam Chomsky, Paul Krugman )
  6. Professional Victims Groups (La Raza, CAIR, NAACP, NOW)
  7. Community Disorganizers & Activists (ACORN, Code Pink, ACLU)
  8. Environmental Redistributionists (Greenpeace, EDF)
  9. Social Justice Preachers (Jeremiah Wright, Reverend Jim Wallis)
  10. Progressive Hollywood Elites (Oliver Stone, Sean Penn)
  11. Bloated Federal Bureaucracy (DOE, DOA, TSA)
  12. Public/Private Colluders (AAPR, Government Motors, Goldman Sachs)

It almost goes without saying (but here I’ll say it anyway)—there are many good people scattered among these institutions.”

We will add to the list until we cannot uncover new vested intrests. For today, here are a few examples: AARP, VFW, AMA, NRA. Yes, the NRA.

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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  1. Dan Freeman says:

    Thank you for posting. I am the author. I know that many people will not agree with my chosen term—new axis of evil—but I wanted to make a point that using one’s power to control the lives of others is more than just wrong headed. Where is the point at which forced control of others goes beyond simply being wrong?
    Many have grown so accustomed to accepting the lefts’ outrageous impositions on the rest of us that the term evil seems misplaced. But is fundamentally transforming America—and doing it in a deceitful way in the dark of night with 2 thousand page bills that no one reads—just wrong. I do not believe so. Perhaps we need another term besides “evil” to describe what the radical left is attempting to do.

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