It is not deep.

Michelle Obama, in the last weeks before the election, “This election is gonna make a statement about whether, you know, Barack’s power and support is as deep.  There are people who are questioning whether his support is as deep, you know?  They want to make out like, well, this is just a one-time thing.”

Statement made, It was just a one time thing, baby. They have come home to their country, America!

So after telling us “I won, you lost.” and while we tolerate you, “we don’t want to hear a lot of talki’n.” and just last week, you have to get out and “fight the enemy.” and  “you [us] can ride along but you have to sit in the back.” So Thursday . . .

Obama Tells Left-Wing MoveOn: I Will Fight GOP (NEWSMAX)

President Barack Obama may have expressed humility [I did not see any] during his conciliatory news conference Wednesday over the shellacking he took in the midterm elections, but just hours after speaking to the nation, he made it very clear in a phone call to left-leaning activist group MoveOn that he is not willing to compromise his core beliefs.

“We always knew bringing about change in Washington wouldn’t be easy, and it might get tougher in the days ahead,” Obama told the liberal organization’s supporters a day after Republicans won the House in a landslide. “The message I took away from the elections is very simple: The American people are still frustrated. They still want change; we just have to work harder to deliver the change the American people want.”

Obama said he and activist organizations like MoveOn must work harder pushing the progressive agenda “until every American sees real change in their own lives . . . We didn’t sign up for doing what was easy, we signed up for doing what was right,” he said of his policies to fix America. “We are going to continue to take all the time it takes —and all the effort it takes— to get our country back on track.”

Obama wants MoveOn to keep the spirit of hope and change alive because it helps him translate that spirit into accomplishment.

“To those who began the journey with me almost four years ago, think about how far we’ve come,” Obama said. “Think about the ups and downs we went through during the course of the campaign. There were times when folks counted us out and we always came back. The same thing is going to happen over the next two years, and the next six years.”

Very hopeful sign:

In a very hopeful sign that We the People are remaking the Republicans, Senator Mitch McConnell speaking to theHeritage Foundation said, in part:

“This isn’t a reason for Republicans to gloat. It’s a time for both parties to realize who’s really in charge – the people – and to be grateful for the opportunity we now have to turn this ship around.”

The Kentucky senator argued in his speech at the Washington D.C. think tank that Tuesday’s midterm elections were a “a referendum” on the Obama administration, and that Republicans had a mandate to fight White House policies on health care, spending, tax cuts, stimulus money and all other “job-killing regulations.”

“On health care, that means we can – and should – propose and vote on straight repeal, repeatedly,” McConnell urged.

“If the administration wants cooperation, it will have to begin to move in our direction,” he said.

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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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  1. Greg Loftus says:

    “It is not deep” that’s priceless

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