The Lie: The Constitution and the Fathers of America Were the Cause of Slavery

As you know, to their great credit, the new Republican majority in the House of Representatives had the Constitution of the United States of America read on the floor of the House Chamber Thursday. The portions of the original Constitution that were changed or stricken by amendment were not read. The reading of the Constitution for the United States of America delightfully brought about consternation and crisis among many Secular Fundamentalists in the Congress and the media (see New York Times example).

(This could not get more fun for you and me: the Secular Fundamentalists in the Congress had, only the day before, sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution.)

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. rose to a point of privilege. His need was to point out one portion stricken by amendment, the 3/5 provision for slaves in taking the Constitutionally prescribed census. This, he indicated, causes pain to everyone who looks like him, to women, and to others who struggle against the imperfections of the Constitution.

Concerning Slavery, How Shall We Remember the Fathers of America and America Herself?

Shall their legacy be, they promoted slavery and kept slaves? No! America, and her fathers, has done more —paid a higher price— to end slavery than any people at any time in any culture. The provision in the Constitution to count slaves as 3/5 person directly caused the erosion of support for holding slavery legitimate. As the country grew from decade to decade, slavery lost its economic advantage and actually became a disadvantage.

Slavery has existed among all peoples across all history. Certainly there are at least 2 billion people in slavery today. There are more than 600 million women and girls living in slavery where Islam prevails. This example of Islamic darkness is completely ignored by Secular Fundamentalists; tolerance, you know.

If Jackson is concerned about the imperfection of governing documents, let him cry out against Shariah law and the hundreds of millions of women and girls oppressed by the darkness of Islam. On the other hand, perhaps Jackson’s need is more cynical. Perhaps he simply needs to keep his hand in the pockets of others; just like his dad.

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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