Reaction From Triumph to Angst.

To judge the President’s eternal destiny is obviously “above my pay grade.” But American Patriots would be wise to parse President Obama’s “Christian Testimony” Wednesday carefully.  We should not forget where he stands as we proceed to restore America.

Join me in some fun. Let’s check out the Secular Fundamentalist reaction, it ranges from triumph to angst.

Time’s Mark Halperin crowed on MSNBC, “That performance had a sophistication and skill that not one Republican can duplicate.” Halperin seemed confident this was not the story of a broken and contrite heart at the Cross. The Christian Gospel can be thrown under the bus along with grandma, Jeremiah Wright, and Hosni Mubarak.

 Jacques Berlinerblau, Washington Post, did not seem to have Halperin’s keen sense of “sophistication and skill”:

President Obama spoke on Thursday morning at the 59th annual National Prayer Breakfast. The gathering is one of those peculiar Washington pageants that elicits diametrically opposed reactions from those who bother to take note of its existence.

Those hostile to the NPB view it as a raging Christ-fest. Those in support of it view it as good, clean, absolutely necessary, public worship of our God.

I, as you may have surmised, could do without the NPB. But part of being what I might call a “new secularist” consists of dealing with reality as it is, not reality as it might have been fifty years ago.

Well, when the president of the United States of America (a Democrat) delivers a twenty-two minute address about his personal faith, drops half a dozen Scripture bombs along the way, and declaims “I came to know Jesus Christ for myself and embrace Him as my lord and savior”–all I can say is that the sixties are over, man!

The golden age of secularism has passed. Story here.

Edison T. Kiela, writing for Yahoo, saw this “Christ-fest” as much more than a personal affront. When Christians get out of place, Islam will make America pay —a lot!:

People of religion around the world are very sensitive to how others perceive their religious views.

For Muslims, their Islamic religion is a way of life, whereas most Christians in America do not wear their religion on their sleeves. This may explain why most Americans and their leaders are quite insensitive to the “fervent if not fanatical” beliefs of others in Muslim nations.

In the eyes of the world, President Obama is our chosen leader, who represents our ideals and basically our moral values. He speaks to the world on our behalf. And when Obama does speak of his own religion, it must be presented in the context of one God…not “our God,” Just adding the word “our” implies a schism in the political-religious arena which further set up the divide of us against them.

Why is this important? On an economic level to Americans, the crisis in Egypt could lead to a radical Islamic force running the Egyptian government, who may in turn shut down the Suez Canal and the SuMed oil pipeline. Article Here 

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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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