David Horowitz Is the Living Definition of, “In the Arena.”

David Horowitz spoke at CPAC 2011, Saturday. It was a clarion call to arms. It was the prototype of what we all need to say and write and do in the coming months and years.

First, a little background on Mr. Horowitz:

Islam has been at Jihad against the Christian West for at least 1370 years. Marxism has been around since 1849. Both are sustaining forces intent on the destruction of Liberty. Because America and human freedom is clearly in dire jeopardy, you and I have come to the battle for Liberty in these last days. Horowitz was born in 1939 to Communist activist parents. As a “red diaper baby,” he has been in the battle his entire life. In the 1960s and 70s, he was a highly effective leader of the very radical left and gave support to parts of the violent left.

It was the 1974 murder of a close associate by the violent Black Panther Party that caused nagging questions about the left for Horowitz. By 1980 the leftist house of cards was down but it took until 1987 before he made his public declaration leaving the darkness and living in the light of truth. David kept right on in his same disciplined effective manner —in the arena only now, he was the champion for Liberty.

CPAC is by far the largest most intensely covered annual conservative conference. It is not the most important. Restoration Weekend, created, founded and operated by David Horowitz, is the most important. Go there.

There were terrific “keynote” speeches by many “prospects” for president at this year’s CPAC. There was much more but not so highly covered. In separate posts, I will cover three critically important speeches starting today with the Horowitz marching orders.

  • Our country faces challenges to its very existence from forces secular and religious. 
  • You cannot make men equal without taking away their freedom.
  • Government is destructive and hurts the people it is intended to serve.
  • We face a mortal threat at home and abroad from Political Islam; a totalitarian movement that seeks to impose Shariah law everywhere.
  • Both the Marxist left and Islam use the same strategies and tactics.
  • Recounts Muslim Brotherhood success to date; Names Grover Norquist as one of the dupes of MB on the right.
  • MB front groups have people in key positions the Obama administration including DHS.

Follow this modern day Patrick Henry in every way you can and seriously consider attending the 2011 Restoration Weekend this fall.

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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