Energy: a Core issue —The President Agrees

On the heels of my post, Our Endowment —Better Than Windchargers, yesterday, John Hinderaker at Power Line wrote a hard hitting indictment of a just released “The Economic Report of the President.” The focus of the Hinderaker post was the complete failure of the “Report” with respect to energy. Check this out:

  • The ERP omits any plan for sensible development of the huge oil resources in the United States and its off-shore boundaries.
  • It omits stating imported oil is principally used as a transportation fuel – less than one percent is used to generate electricity. Generating electricity from solar or wind does not significantly reduce the need for transportation fuels.
  • It omits any plan for promoting the construction of modern nuclear power plants to include the recycling of nuclear fuel.
  • It omits any discussion of the poor 120-year economic history of wind-generated electricity – erratic wind power was always rejected by consumers demanding reliable, affordable electricity.
  • It omits the staggering investments China is making in traditional sources for generating electricity. The EPR emphasizes China’s development of solar and wind but ignores massive investments in nuclear, coal, and hydro. This omission leads to the false assertion that the US is in a race with China for wind and solar power.

The entire post is essential. Read it all: MORE ON THE ADMINISTRATION’S ENERGY BOONDOGGLES.

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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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