And Everything is Your Fault

I entered “racism” at Miriam Webster Online. Immediately this message popped up:

Racism is currently in the top 1% of lookups and is the 229th most popular word on

A green arrow indicates a fast mover: this word increased significantly in lookups over the past seven days. [Racism had a green arrow]

Fascinating. Racism is a “top 1% lookup” and “increased significantly in lookups over the past seven days.”

The dictionary definition of Racism is: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

Wrong. The Dictionary is wrong. By that definition, racism would not be an issue in any part of society. But you are a racist. I am a racist.

Just last month I wrote, in Why You Are a Racist, “It was the reaction of the left to the Tea Parties that helped me see that the label racist has been fixed on conservatives who resist any government takeover of private wealth and resources. Along with Obamacare, the Tea party concern has been government spending and taxes. Se this must be the basis used to label them Racist. I realized it applies to you and me as well.”

I was not wrong as far as that went. But this is a much deeper. Racism is a Marxist way of showing the Declaration of Independence, Western Civilization and orthodox Christianity itself is, not only wrong, it is all irredeemable and must be destroyed. What you just read is astonishing. How can it be true? This Marxist definition has been around for awhile and is a core value of the left. So what’s the definition; the mindset?

Let our indispensible friend, David Horowitz explain (Pages 151-154, Unholy Alliance, David Horowitz, Regnery, 2004):

In the new radical woridview, racism is redefined in order that it may be integrated with traditional Communist theories. Racism is no longer regarded as a social attitude or philosophical belief, but is the objective expression of an inequality of power that is pervasive and outside individual control. In this analysis, an individual does not have to be prejudiced to participate in racial oppression but merely to occupy a “privileged” position in an alleged hierarchy of groups and classes. (In Western democracies characterized by upward mobility the very concept of hierarchy is, of course, a fictional construct.)

In the radical view, racism is alleged to be “systemic,” or “institutional that is, built into the very structure of capitalist societies. In its most vulgar form this idea is expressed in the proposition that “only whites can be racist? This is because whites are allegedly a cohesive group that monopolizes power. Since America and Europe can be said to include the most prosperous and powerful societies, radicals allege that the same hierarchy of class and race exists globally. Hence the global system and the “globalization” process that express this hierarchy are also “racist.”

              Like traditional Marxism, this new radical paradigm is a totalitarian perspective in which no individual escapes the control of a system that is described as “institutionally racist” and is targeted for destruction. Because the hierarchy and “oppression” are alleged to be systemic, no escape from racism is possible without a systemic remedy, which is the politically enforced creation of a Communist economic and social order.59 This radical view is now the academic doctrine of American university faculties, where race—gender-class hierarchies are a staple of the academic curriculum. [emphasis mine] A typical formulation can be found in Racist America, written by Joe Faegin, a former president of the American Sociological Association and author of forty academic texts: “Systemic racism includes the complex array of anti-black practices, the unjustly gained political-economic power of whites, the continuing economic and other resource inequalities along racial lines. . . Like a hologram, each major part of U.S. society—the economy, politics, education, religion, the family—reflects the fundamental reality of systemic racism,”6° In sum: “One can accurately describe the United States as a ‘total racist society’ in which every major aspect of life is shaped to some degree by racist realities.”61

              Viewed through this totalitarian lens, the racist attitudes manifested by minorities themselves or among Third World elites can be dismissed as mere by-products of the “divide and conquer” strategies of the dominant white race, whose position of privilege and power is secured by the global “system.” This is why anti-black racism in Sudan—a Third World dependency ruled by people of color and victims of “Islamophobia”—can be ignored, while discrimination In America is a “crime against humanity.”

              With this ideological framework in place, in the hands of the Left racism becomes a morally powerful code for condemning the capitalist democracies of the West and their international influence, or “globalization.” In a typical declaration at the U.N. proceedings in Tehran, the Asian delegations of NGO radicals explained:

Globalization describes the ever-increasing integration of human society at economic, social, cultural and political levels. It historically derives from the process of colonial integration of the world. Globalization is therefore an iniquitous structure, one that is based on unequal power relations. It has promoted an institutional racism at both the national and the international level.62

In other parts of this U.N. document, racism is defined not as race hatred or prejudice but as “an ideological construct that assigns a certain global power over others on the basis of a notion of superiority, dominance and purity” The source of this ideological construct is the hegemony of the “metropolitan” powers. (The term “metropolitan” itself is of Marxist origin and refers to the assumption that the world is an integrated system in which the success of the industrial centers comes at the expense of the impoverished “colonial” periphery.)

This global hegemony by the metropolitan powers has resulted in the continuing domination of the European-originated cultures and the marginalization of other world civilizations. The current strategies of the global big powers contribute to create a pervasive culture of racism, one example being Islamophobia. Xenophobia and intolerance is sharply reflected in the global mass media for example, in its racist bias in the reporting of the Palestinian problem and its coverage of the aggression against Iraq.

Thus the familiar themes of the Communist Left are resurrected under the banner of racial “tolerance” to defend Islamic jihad, Palestinian terrorism, and the fascist regime of Saddam Hussein. In this ideological framework, opposition to Marxist radicalism and its anti-Western agendas becomes by definition a form of racism, while the Western democracies are assaulted in the name of the very ideals —racial tolerance and equality— that they first invented and then established as civil rights.

Did you get that?

  • Clarence Thomas is a racist and Michael Moore is not.
  • If you believe in the three ideas on American coins, Liberty, In God We trust and e Pluribus Unum, you are a racist.
  • If you believe “All Men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. That among these rights are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, you are a racist.
  • If you believe there is a Judeo-Christian foundation for Western Civilization, you are a racist.
  • And if you simply  believe taxes should not be raised, you are a racist.

Therefore, as Horowitz asserts, “Arab regimes that oppress women and rule tyrannically over impoverished multitudes can be excused by progressives because they occupy a low rung of the international hierarchy and are not white.”

And Republicans are responsible for any government shutdown.

We can expect if, Justice Prosser prevails in his Wisconsin election, the voters in Wisconsin are racists.

Isn’t this all special?

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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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