If you are a “Barbarian S.O.B.” listen up; it turns out you are still a “racist.” Two points on that. Also, the Democrats are making other plans and the world backed Palestinians are coming to the U.N. for their “get the world free” card.

 We’ll get to the “Jesus is an angry black Marxist” mob—but first, the angry white Marxist, forget-about-Jesus, destroy Capitalism now mob. Today is beginning of the “Wall Street Belongs to Us” US DAYS OF RAGE.

This is billed as a “peaceful demonstration” and somewhat more honestly “nonviolent civil disobedience. Do their graphics convey peace? You decide. Instruction is being offered based on the curriculum developed for ACTUP.

Who is behind all this rage? You will not learn at the US DAYS OF RAGE Site although there is a map. My research reveals SEIU and ACORN, or more precisely, Stephen Lerner, SEIU International Executive Board, and ACORN founder Wade Rathke, are the core organizers. Learner is reported to have aspirations to destroy JP Morgan Chase and cause the collapse of the entire stock market. (No thought apparently for Union pensions.) Well, what could be more peaceful and non-violent than that? The idea, dear barbarian S.O.B., turns out to be inspirational. Left wing mob agitators around the world have jumped on board. They are bringing tents to dozens of cities. Only a handful of these cities have New York Stock Exchange type businesses so we can only guess where the tents are going down.

Turn to the “Jesus is an angry black Marxist” mob otherwise known as the New Black Panthers (NBP for short). It turns out, dear Hobbit, you still are a “racist.” The refreshing thing about the “Jesus is an angry black Marxist” mob is they do not pretend to be peaceful. I’m not sure they have a plan but they have this video:

Of course, there is no need for comment.

These two “forces for change” might not bring Obama to his “Waterloo” (If you thought I was going to say Watergate, that’ll be later.) The addition of the next two means Henney Penney is on her way. No one knows if King Obama will give her an audience. But that is another story.

The first is the Democrats who seem not to want to go down in Obama’s ship. Harry Reid and the Democrats, while not holding a press conference, are making other plans. The Democrats  have no stomach to “pass it right away.” The House Republicans should take Obama up on his “command,” vote on and defeat his exact bill. Let the House Democrats face that vote.  Steven Hayward posting at Power Line explains it well.

As for the Palestinian deal for Statehood at the United Nations, this is very serious stuff. Obama and his crowd have been undercutting Israel and winking and nodding at every Arab outrage for 32 months. Non-Muslim as well as Muslim countries around the world have been shedding American influence like a molting duck. Israel’s only friend at the U. N. is the reluctant Obama Administration. It is very certain only a U.S. Security Council veto will stop a disastrous vote for Palestinian Statehood. The cost of that veto for America will be incalculable. Politico has an excellent in depth assessment of this looming disaster.

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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  1. Kermit McForge says:

    I agree with you completely. Obama is destroying democracy as we know it and making the world very unsafe for our children. I dream of a day when people see the truth.

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