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Rush got into an argument Friday with a statement Dr. Frank Luntz made before the Republican Governors Association meeting in Orlando, FL November 29-30.  Luntz apparently counseled the governors that the “Occupiers” have turned “We the People” against capitalism and Rush objected.  Capitalism is not and has never been an ism.  This may not be Dr. Luntz’ point, but “free markets” is a much better term on which to stand.  This change is a benefit.

The Karl Marx organizing principle established the birth and growth of “isms.”

Key examples are Marxism, Communism, Leninism, Stalinism, Socialism, Fabianism, Trotskyism, Maoism, Autonomism Anarchism, Trotskyism, Environmentalism (Eco-socialism), Feminism, Gramsci/Alinskyism, and Fabianism.

Notice that feminism and environmentalism are rooted in Karl Marx.  You might object that women ought to be equal.  Yes they ought and yes they are.  But feminism is not about equality nor does it ever lead a culture towards equality.  Feminism is about control—regulation and control.

So, if capitalism is not an ism, what is it?  It is a tool, not an organizing principal.  The organizing principal in America is a sovereign people under the Sovereign God.  In a free society, with private ownership of property, as ideas, wealth and the desire to work outside of one’s own garden grow, tools are needed to bring the various resources together freely for mutual benefit.

While capitalism is not an ism, neither is it freedom or liberty or free enterprise or economic freedom.  Capitalism can accurately be called free markets but it is actually reversed; free markets have been called capitalism to the disadvantage of freedom itself.  The word capitalism actually lends credibility to the isms of Dr. Marx.  The quicker we dump the word the sooner the radical left is revealed as the evil it is.  Stock and commodity markets are free markets and better off without the “ism.” taint.

Central “too big to fail” banks are another matter.  The “Tea Party right” ought to be the force that brings central banking under control—not the “occupy” radical left.

So Rush, I check you out every day.  You are truly the “Cutting edge of societal evolution.”  On this one, however, let the left have their monopoly on “isms.” In truth, they stopped competing for a place at the table of liberty long ago.  Join me Rush in letting Capitalism rest in peace.

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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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    More on capitalism is not an ‘ism.’

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