The two men are Speaker Gingrich and President Obama

The leadership difference is apparent in their vision of America and Energy. Here is a review of the Obama Energy record, a breathtaking Gingrich proposal and, in immediate response, an Obama pout.

As you know, America has by far the largest oil, gas and coal reserves in the World. You may also know President Obama has slowed America’s already slow fossil fuel development 40% over the past 3 years. But the President’s new energy direction swung into action in early 2009 as his Import-Export bank made a $2 billion loan commitment to the Brazilian National oil company, Petrobras. Petrobras also obtained a $10 billion loan from China’s Development Bank with a commitment to sell China 200,000 barrels/day for 10 years. (Coincidentally billionaire George Soros owns millions of shares in Petrobras.)

By last spring, Obama was pretty excited about his energy program and America’s energy future. He said, in part, “We want to help you with the technology and support to develop these oil reserves safely. And when you’re ready to start selling, we want to be one of your best customers. At a time when we’ve been reminded how easily instability in other parts of the world can affect the price of oil, the United States could not be happier with the potential for a new, stable source of energy.”

The Gingrich plan is rooted in his response to a sharp spike in gas prices for several months in 2008: “Drill Here; Drill Now; Pay Less.” The Gingrich plan (vision) is the subject of a new video released Wednesday evening. The half hour video will be shown on television in several primary/caucus States through Super Tuesday. This video will change your outlook. You will be inspired for America.

President Obama immediately struck back at this vision for America. His press secretary, Jay Carney, said sadly Thursday that we cannot drill our way out of the problem and we will have to accept the pain. The President also sprung into action with the firm belief Americans are ignorant, here’s what he said:

Get involved here.

Get involved here

Update (2.25.2012) Asked Friday by CNN and Fox News his reaction to the Presidents defense of a bleak painful energy future for America, Speaker Gingrich said it sounded like a SNL skit.

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