With some confidence, or more accurately hubris, Obama declared only three presidents got more done in their first two years than he had: LBJ, FDR, and Lincoln. Remember in January 2009, Rush Limbaugh declared, “I hope he fails!” Today Rush agrees with Obama—not about his place in history but in carrying out his agenda to destroy America. “He (Obama) has been wildly successful,” Rush declared. Take a Look at Obama in a Steve Kroft 60 Minutes interview:

But consider a partial list of Obama’s successes:

  • Campaigned as the one to unify America instead only works with (union) friends; treats all other Americans as enemies.
  • Was presented as the healer of racial distrust and division, instead his administration is all race all the time. He and his pals have set back race relations a generation.
  • Has an Attorney General and Justice department that stridently makes law enforcement decisions based on race.
  • Took complete credit for the killing of Osama bin laden while his Justice Department activly seeks to prosecute American agents that made the mission possible.
  • Ignores court decisions and orders.
  • Uses the power of government to punish success.
  • Employs gangster methods to take over American businesses.
  • Uses gangster methods against political opponents.
  • Runs up a first term National debt increase of $6 trillion. (“I’ve got 5 more years,” he declared.) Heaven help us.
  • Takes over and commences the destruction of America’s health care.
  • Cut domestic oil exploration 40% and is personally responsible for skyrocketing energy costs worldwide.
  • Promotes the destruction of the American dollar.
  • Changed America’s foreign policy to “If you are our friend, shame on you. If you are our enemy, shame on us.”
  • Peace negotiations with and apologizes to the Taliban.
  • Recognizes Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Hates and detests Israel and the UK as evidenced by American policy and his statements and conduct.
  • Diminished NATO and allowed Russia to build an alliance from the Atlantic to the Middle East to the Pacific.

We have our work cut out for us. We must, at any cost, succeed in ridding America and our posterity of this man. We must successfully discredit his agenda.

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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