Or, “Better Than a Chevy Volt”

These “Rough and Ready” totally legal, rated for 10,000 hours, incandescent bulbs are ready for shipment @ $2.88 each from

The owner is Larry Birnbaum. The bulbs are ready. You can order them right now. Even better, you can get in on the ground floor as a distributor. Birnbaum announced Friday he is scheduled to be a new advertiser on the Rush Limbaugh program—perfect for your new business.

Update: Check out comments by Gayle and Peter. You may want to learn more and use larger wattage bulbs.



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  1. Gayle West says:

    What they don’t tell you is these bulbs are over 30 % dimmer than the household bulbs that you are used to. They use the combination of an extended life bulb and a higher volt filament to prevent the bulb from burning at full brightness . This extends the normal bulb life several times over but at the sacrifice of brightness. This method is very popular in industries where reliability is more important than brightness and will continue to be popular. It also assumes that your service is a reliable 115-120 volts. If you are in area with voltage surges you are probably already using 130 volt bulbs and these bulbs will only last about twice as long as what you have now. If you do use these in your home, go to the next higher wattage available in order to get approximately the lighting levels you had before.

    • peterdub says:

      Gayle is right RE the Newcandescent bulbs
      Others like Aerotech also sell legal long life rough service bulbs. However their lumen (brightness) rating is down from standard bulbs 100W =75w/60W equivalent typically, AND if sales increase they will be BANNED too

      Sales of certain exempted lamps monitored, specifically:
      • rough service
      • vibration service
      • 2601-3300 lumen general service (150-200W)
      • 3-way
      • shatter-resistant lamps
      If sales double, the lamp type will lose the exemption
      regulation updates and 10 local state repeal ban bill progress, legislated Texas June 2011, S. Carolina bill soon to Gov Nikki Haley for signing)

      • when Congress passed passed the most recent budget they did not allow funding to monitor this law regarding what would happen if sales were doubled so it doesn’t matter if they even triple or quadruple their sales…they don’t have the funds to even verify sales.

  2. peterdub says:

    Why the arguments in favor of incandescent light bulb bans don’t hold up,
    for energy saving or other reasons:
    Freedomlightbulb blogspot com
    (13- point referenced rundown)

  3. Anders Hoveland says:

    These “newcandescent” bulbs are considered “rough service” bulbs, and the current law automatically bans them too if their sales double. Halogen bulbs are another type of incandescent bulb that is currently allowed (although 7 times more expensive), but halogen bulbs will also be effectively banned in 2020.

    So in other words, the law has only just started phasing out incandescent bulbs, certain types are still available now, but won’t be in 8 years. Whether the federal government has the right to regulate commerce within an individual state is another matter…

    Oh, btw I have tried those 2700K LED bulbs that claim to put out the same light as an incandescent. They don’t. So I will be stockpiling on the old bulbs. Easier to stockpile now while they are still 25 cents each than wait till later and have to pay $1.75 each for the halogen bulbs

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