The Daily Caller, Breitbart—Big Peace and Mark Levin Cha Cha Cha on Media Matters roof

We call the big media the fraud media because they fraudulently claim to report news. The true function is actually a massive propaganda operation for the thug left and the Democrat party. The purpose and function of Media Matters is to smear and intimidate voices that tell the truth exposing the Marxist Left, the Democrat Party and fraud media. They also work to keep the fraud media from wandering away from the “leftist reservation.”

Now in a cool little exposé, Jamie Weinstein, The Daily Caller; Ezra Dulis, Breitbart Big Peace and Mark Levin, bestselling author—Ameritopia perform a wonderful, if intimidating, Cha Cha on the roof of Media matters. The tune is blowback against the intentional Obama reduction of Israel to just one of the little 200 countries in America’s sight.

Dulis wrote Monday, “A spokesman for Media Matters for America, which communicates directly with the White House in a weekly “strategy call,” boasted in 2010 of President Obama’s mistreatment of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a forum held by Al-Jazeera.

“[Media Matters Action Network senior foreign policy fellow MJ] Rosenberg asserts that the President of the United States intentionally mistreated the Prime Minister of Israel to “send signals” to the Arab world. Since Rosenberg works for an organization that holds weekly “strategy calls” with the White House, it stands to reason that he may have been drawing upon insider information to make that claim.

“It’s unlikely that the mainstream media will follow up on this story and press Obama on his “signals” to the Arab world or his true feelings on Israel. But from this information alone, it’s apparent that the president’s closest allies are not in the pro-Israel—or pro-American—camp.”

Dulis referred to a weekend Daily Caller article by Jamie Weinstein who wrote:

 . . . . Rosenberg also praised Obama for treating Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu worse than any American president has ever treated an Israeli prime minister.

“When Netanyahu came to Washington, no president has ever treated an Israeli prime minister as coldly as Netanyahu was treated by Obama,” Rosenberg said, with obvious joy, to what was presumably a largely Arab audience.

“Suddenly Israel today is, even though it gets what it wants to a certain extent, Israel is treated as another country, a foreign country, which makes it no different than all the other foreign countries. That is what Obama is trying to do: take Israel away from being the 51st state and make it a foreign country like Lebanon or France or any normal foreign country.”

“He has done that,” Rosenberg added. “You know, he has sent the Arab world signals from day one of where his heart is.”

Rosenberg has recently become a lightning rod for questioning the loyalty of American supporters of Israel by calling them “Israel firsters” and for taking other radical positions. Alan Dershowitz, the liberal Harvard Law School professor, has denounced him in a series of recent interviews and articles, suggesting that Rosenberg’s rhetoric and ideas are similar to what neo-Nazi and pro-Hezbollah websites offer.

Radio talk show host, bestselling author and heavyweight legal thinker, Mark Levin made it clear Media Matters should fear the sounds on their roof. Here is a sample of Levin on his Monday radio show as reported by Jeff Poor at the Daily Caller:

Levin called on the Internal Revenue Service to review Media Matters’ tax status and called the organization, as he has often done in the past, a “criminal front group.”

“Media Matters is a key political operative entity for the Democrat Party and for this president,” Levin said. “I don’t care if it covers itself in the charitable, non-profit, non-partisan mode, part of the Internal Revenue Code. That’s for the IRS to sort out and the IRS ought to be looking at them, quite frankly, as I’ve said many, many times. That’s why I call them a ‘criminal front group.’”

Levin challenged Media Matters to take action against him for the moniker he has given the group, and said he would use a lawsuit as an opportunity to investigate the organization.

“Hey, boys and girls at Media Matters, if you don’t like me calling you a ‘criminal front group,’ what are you going to do about it?” Levin asked. “I would love nothing more than to conduct myself a full-scale discovery of your organization, your finances, your phone records, your emails, your iPods, every little device that you have there.

“I would love nothing more, me to depose Mr. [David] Brock, the head of your organization. I would love nothing more than to depose Eric Burns. I would love nothing more than myself to depose Mr. Rosenberg, the whole damn bunch of you. You got it?” (RELATED: Full coverage of Media Matters)

The conservative talker challenged President Obama to condemn Media Matters and Rosenberg for his statements. He also suggested Alan Dershowitz, who has condemned the organization for its anti-Israel attacks, could serve as co-counsel.

Levin is right. The propaganda control arm of the Marxist left is, in fact, a “criminal front group.” I would love to see the results of the Levin/Dershowitz depositions of Rosenberg and others—particularly top gun, David Brock.

To be continued

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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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