Tomorrow we launch the work to build, promote and elect a slate of American patriots to turn Democrats out of the United States Senate, turn more Democrats out of the United States House of Representatives and turn Washington status quo Republicans inside out. They will be the patriots of the 2012 Liberty List.

Come on along. You’ll soon become an effective part of the successful 2012 Liberty List. What’ll we do? How can you take action? Build your plan around these five action areas:

  • Study; learn.
    • Follow the Liberty List posts here at the Patriots Trumpet as we build the foundation for a new team in the Congress to restore our Constitution and our government.
    • To understand how and why the Obama Regime is gutting the very life out of America from the inside, we must have clarity on who and what. We face an international ideology. We must understand the global reach that includes President Obama and the key people in power. They are actually neo-communists—even though they use self-identifying labels such as “community organizer.” To gain the knowledge you need, you could read the “New Testament” writing of this “religion”, Rules For Radicals by Saul Alinsky. (The writer of their “Old Testament” is, of course, Karl Marx.)
    • We face and must defeat a second ideology—Islam. To understand Islam, I recommend The Haj by Leon Uris. On the threat presented by Islam, get Andy McCarthy’s book, The Grand Jihad. (The first 17 pages will suffice to arm you with all you need to know about the “who, what, how, and why.”)
    • Finally the sensational new book, Screwed, by Dick Morris will by itself give you the entire picture of the internal and global challenge we face. Make a commitment to buy this book immediately and devour it! You will be effective in the coming weeks. Over the next couple weeks while you read these books, keep yourself focused and motivated with this:

    • Pray. Every one of us and every one we touch can pray every day. Let us pray in God’s love and God’s power; let us pray with power! EVERY DAY! POWER!
    • Communicate. The first (easy) way to communicate is Tweet every one of these posts. Many are not on Twitter, sign yourself and other patriots you know who are committed to act, up for THE DAILY CALL email right here at The Patriot’s Trumpet. It brings daily links to these vital Liberty List Posts. Write letters to the editor, emails to bloggers, comments on Web Sites and call shows. Most of all, if you are a social networker, get started. If not, open your Twitter account today.
    • Work—volunteer for a campaign. If you can do this only on a limited basis, do at least that. Some have the time to star in campaign volunteer work. If that is you, BE A STAR! As we save America, you will be blessed through and in wonderful friends made during the campaign.
    • Contribute to campaigns. I will be offering you wonderful, difference making candidates from across the nation. You may know of others. If you have a candidate or candidates we need to know about, please refer their names and districts to me. Good men and women will be needed in offices at every level in this land of Liberty. The focus in this countdown will be putting difference makers in the United States Senate and House of Representatives. Please, please decide how much you can contribute.  How might that look? Let us say you can afford:
      •  $5,000. –will provide $100. to 50 key candidates of your choice.
      • $2,000. –will provide $50. to 40 candidates you select.
      • $1,000. –provides $25. to your same 40 candidates.

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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