“Progressives” began to advance False Principles early in the 20th century. Progressive thought was adopted by most Christian denominations, much of the American Academy and old-line families. Progressive “ideas” began to show up in elementary and secondary schools. (Check out John Dewey and his friends.)

The pace of Progressive growth exploded in the 1960s with the advent of television (quickly joined by Hollywood and popular music).  Over the next 25 years, new concepts, at variance with the Declaration and Constitution, took root as American principles. These principles never include God. They all smack of Dr. Rousseau, “Whoever refuses to obey will be forced to be free.” The seven false principles we currently must reject as we restore America are: Multiculturalism, Diversity, Fairness and Equality (of outcome), Tolerance, Openness, Political Correctness and Social Justice. We will face down each in successive posts.

It turned out these “superior ideas”—these new “principles”—required a new vocabulary. They quickly found it was more effective to redefine old words than to create new ones. The new definitions began on campuses of most of Americas great centers of learning. Besides public schools, these definitions could be spread into the general culture through Hollywood, popular music and the media. This process was shortened as personal computers/the internet and, currently, personal devices became ubiquitous.

We could not mention or count all the redefined words. Let’s consider a couple of examples. One is “gay marriage.” They, for progressive purposes, simply assumed each of the words meant something else—something virtually opposite—than the true meaning which is, should and must be “an exceedingly joyous man and woman united in a holy lifetime contract. When an American patriot presents an argument against “gay marriage” he has already lost. The argument can only be won by immediately and successfully challenging the false term. Have you noticed how, in the past three and half years, the words “racist” and racism” have been very broadly redefined?

“The children” was a family term before the mid-sixties. Parents (and often extended family) would make decisions “for the children.” Before they found racism to be such a goldmine, progressives used “the children” as the emotional justification for grabbing your money and your rights. To a significant degree, by the end of the Clinton presidency families had significantly yielded “for the children” responsibility to the state. Sex education comes to mind.

Speaking of rights, the progressives have been most successful at selling government programs as “rights.” A Right, of course, can and does only come from God. Government cannot give anyone a right because government has no rights. Government has nothing to give anyone until they take it first from someone else. If you have anything of value, given by government you have something that belongs rightfully to someone else.

It is not surprising that someone recently wrote, “Please stop the billionaires from taking our rights away. Having health care is a right that they want to take away. Jesus Christ would of been for health care as he was for the pour and not billionaires.”

Whenever progressives need help, government is always called on to deliver a new “right.” Just this past winter, a young leftist, named Sandra Fluke, showed up demanding on behalf of all women her reproductive rights. Of course last January 7, weeks before Ms Fluke showed up, George Stephanopoulos of ABC News asked Governor Romney, at a Republican primary debate, to comment on the risks of states denying women birth control. News reports at the time said the question was a non sequitur. Wrong. The question was the commencement of a well planned and executed rollout of a brand new “right” and Republicans are conducting a “war on women.”

There is no end to these so-called “rights” that government must provide at the cost of your treasure and freedom. “Rights,” waiting in the wings for the time the rulers of the left need them, include: Political Justice, Natural Justice, Universal Justice, Global Justice, Commutative Justice, General Justice, Reproductive Justice, Food Justice, Housing Justice, Gender Justice, Sexual Orientation Justice and Environmental Justice.

You could reasonable offer “civil rights” as an argument where the Federal Government established rights for a whole class of people. The fact is the civil rights laws of 1965 did not establish a right for one single person. Thankfully, they acted to stop the denial of God given rights by many states.

We must all be on our guard and immediately reject any and every move to destroy “our children’s” future this way.

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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