By definition, diversity is: the state of having people who are different races or who have different cultures in a group or organization. For example

  • The city is known for its cultural/ethnic diversity.
  • The school aims for diversity in its student population.
  • There is a greater diversity in the city’s population now.

Diversity actually occurs factually. It is not a virtue and is obviously not an American principle. As used by “Cultural Police,” it is in tension with Multiculturalism. Each culture is supposed to be special and preserved. On the other hand, your group must be diverse. But every institution, controlled by Progressives, proceeds without a blink of an eye.

Witness my local University of Minnesota. As starters, diversity is partnered with “equity” at the Office for Equity and Diversity:

We all share responsibility for equity and diversity—it’s everybody’s everyday work. Diversity goes well beyond numeric representation and access. Far from just enriching campus life or the academic experience, equity and diversity are critical to issues of campus culture and climate, and fundamental to everything we do at the University of Minnesota.

Multiculturalism has been folded right in under the Office for Equity and Diversity with the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence.

The Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence (MCAE) is a campus-wide resource that promotes an inclusive atmosphere to foster and enrich multicultural understanding among all members of the University of Minnesota community. MCAE’s commitment to creating such a climate is driven by a student-first culture in which students are the highest priority.

MCAE seeks to provide services and programs that create powerful, caring human connections. The MCAE staff provides culturally-sensitive advice, and coordinates programs for individuals and groups on academic, financial, personal, and career concerns.

Success for MCAE is defined by the ongoing development of a culture of achievement that values equity, excellence, and human diversity while promoting social justice.

Oh, the diversity office covers multiculturalism while it is also the office of Equity and now a fourth—Social Justice! Wow, an office with four of these anti-American “principles!” It seems there is no need for Christianity at the U of M. And diversity could, of course, never stretch to that radical extreme. One wonders how the madras trained Islamist blends in with the GLBT activist at the U of M.

It was hard to get the Republican controlled Minnesota legislature to help support a new football stadium but they happily vote for funding this garbage bi-annually. This must change in Minnesota and all across America.

We’ll put our discussion of Social Justice off until Tuesday but we’ll cover Equity tomorrow.

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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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