As you know, the 2012 Liberty List will be formed right here in the next few weeks

The 2012 Liberty List will be citizens running to win seats in congress to reclaim Constitutional government and help restore America.  They will be Republicans. No Democrat, who stands on the foundation we declare below, could receive the support of the Democrat Party. Just as important, we cannot support anyone who would help put or keep Senator Harry Reid, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat congressional leadership in power. The primary issues include out of control spending and taxes, facing down the growing National debt and jobs, jobs, jobs. Secondary issues are illegal immigration and national security.

Issues of life, marriage, family and faith will not be featured. But they are foundational. Those who will make up and define The 2012 Liberty List will stand on that foundation. The Manhattan Declaration, developed by Catholic and Evangelical leaders in 2009, was providentially and perfectly designed to fill that purpose. It is a declarative statement which I, among 531,000 citizens along with Christian and some Jewish leaders, have signed. We signers actively proclaim and promote LIFE, MARRIAGE and RELIGIOUS LIBERTY. Here is the core of the Manhattan Declaration:

Because the sanctity of human life, the dignity of marriage as a union of husband and wife, and the freedom of conscience and religion are foundational principles of justice and the common good, we are compelled by our Christian faith to speak and act in their defense. In this declaration we affirm: 1) the profound, inherent, and equal dignity of every human being as a creature fashioned in the very image of God, possessing inherent rights of equal dignity and life; 2) marriage as a conjugal union of man and woman, ordained by God from the creation, and historically understood by believers and non-believers alike, to be the most basic institution in society and; 3) religious liberty, which is grounded in the character of God, the example of Christ, and the inherent freedom and dignity of human beings created in the divine image. (Read and sign)

Many who qualify to form the 2012 Liberty List will be signers of the Declaration. Some may not be signers but their words and deeds must be in firm agreement on these foundational principles.

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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