Our Number One Domestic Policy and Foreign Policy Issue

This is world map of petroleum “No Drilling Zones.” As this map shows, these zones are only in US waters. These restrictions are placed on America by a single world power—us. This is insane.

End Government Insanity 

Including these zones, America has the largest Barrel of Oil Equivalent in the world. Let me say that again. America has the largest Barrel of Oil Equivalent (BOE) in the world—1446 billion BOE. Nobody else is close. Our technically recoverable oil is 229 billion BOE or about one fifth of the technically recoverable oil in the world. That is likely to double in the next few years to 500 billion BOE. Don’t be surprised if we have a tremendous increase in our world leading 904 billion BOE natural gas. This thrilling table is from an October, 12 2009 presentation by Energy Section Research manager, Gene Whitney, at the Congressional Research Service.

Do we want American jobs? Drill

Do we want low cost personal transportation? Drill

Do we want increased value in 401-K’s etc.? Drill

Do we want lower cost food and consumer items? Drill

Do we want a new source of revenue to help pay down the debt? Drill

Do we want a return of manufacturing and more jobs? Drill

Do we want to change the balance of world energy power? Drill

Do we want put Islamist Shariah, Jihad, and the rest back in a bottle? Drill

Do we want to stop International bullies like Russia in their place? Drill

Do we want to tell the UN, EU, IMF and the rest to sit down and shut up? Drill

The men and women—citizens seeking seats in the new 113th Congress—who find their place on The Liberty List will firmly declare their determination to unshackle and unleash America’s oil producers and change that disgraceful map. Let us support them as we step beside the God of our founding and the Power that endowed us with this abundance of cheap, clean energy for the next century and beyond. With Him, we will light up that “Shining City on A Hill.” We cannot fail!

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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