We seek men and women of character and courage who are consistent, responsible and committed to return America to a sovereign Constitutional government that, above all, stands for Liberty in the world. Here are two sterling examples:

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann exemplifies those qualities and more—she has a “titanium spine,” a quality essential for the battle ahead. She has been my personal friend for over a decade. While it shows to any freedom loving observer, I know the source of her strength is her faith and her love for America and the freedom for which it stands. One thing more, she loves her family. She is in this fight for them and American families everywhere.

Bachmann is a leading and effective voice for the restoration of constitutional government which she powerfully demonstrated by voting against the huge debt ceiling increase (with all the Super committee fine print). Writing the first repeal bill, she is actively out front in the congressional effort to repeal Obamacare. She is the author of the Dodd-Frank repeal bill. Congresswoman Bachmann is among the earliest, clearest, most effective leaders in the House pushing for increased American domestic oil production. She is the founder and leader of the House Tea Party Caucus.

Waste in Washington is so huge that a casual observer might not notice but Senator Jim DeMint is making a real difference in curbing government waste. He has been the tough leader against “earmarking”—an effort that has been successful. Many current members of the House and Senate love the “earmark” system but, thanks to DeMint and others, they know the game is over. He also has been a leader against amnesty as he fights for the control of our borders and a common-sense immigration law.

 Senator DeMint is a perfect standard of vision and leadership for the battle that is before us. Here are three quotes pulled from his Web Site that makes the point perfectly:

  • “We are not in a partisan political battle; we are at war against those who do not understand the principles of freedom that have made America the greatest nation in the history of the world.”
  •  “If we want to start growing the economy, we’ve got to stop growing our government. Freedom will work if we will let it.”
  • “The fight to save freedom begins with you, not Washington. We must recruit an army of well-informed, freedom-loving Americans who will win the fight for freedom.”

Senator DeMint is talking to those patriots who are challenging the Reid-Pelosi-Obama Democrats in States and Congressional Districts across America. They will take the fight to those who are in rebellion against freedom—against Liberty and its very source. They will be the women and men of the 2012 Liberty List. And yes, he is talking to me. Most of all he is talking to you. You can and must make a difference. Get involved with a campaign. Pray for the candidates, their families and their campaign staffs. Contribute to every campaign that inspires you. Write to them. One American wrote a personal letter to every candidate on the 2010 Liberty List.

Now the commencement.

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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