That blue you see along the western side of Minnesota is the Minnesota 7th Congressional District. It is blue on maps like this because data tells analysts it is a safe district for Democrats. The voters there like stability, they are not very partisan and they have been comfortable with Democrat Representative Collin Peterson for more than 20 years. Peterson is not worried.

There are a couple things the data didn’t catch. One is an American patriot, raised in Norway, who has a passion for history, including a deep understanding of our founding period, and passion for the Constitution.

He is Lee Byberg from Willmar and, more importantly, the seventh District. Lee is running and he intends to win. Lee is prepared for the road ahead with temperament, confidence, knowledge, experience, integrity, passion and character. Lee has the courage to commence and complete the long, hard and, at times, unpopular work—to end government over-taxing, borrowing, spending and over-regulating through restoring Constitutional governance.

And, Lee has that other thing—Obamacare. The voters in the MN 7th are uncomfortable about Obamacare. Here is what Lee Byberg knows that Collin Peterson does not. The voters in the Minnesota seventh are going to learn the depth that Obamacare drills into their private lives and controls the most important and personal decisions they make. These fine Americans will learn the extent to which the IRS and other federal agencies will access their personal affairs and control their decisions and they will be outraged. Lee Byberg has a solid, professional campaign team. He has access to among the best campaign consultants in the country. And, understand this; Lee Byberg has a plan. He is working his plan. These voters in the seventh Congressional District of Minnesota will know the destructive Obamacare facts and they will act—Lee Byberg will win.

Take a look at this part of the Byberg plan, the Heritage Alliance:

Now please act. Get involved. First make a critical campaign donation, as I have. Do it here now. Then, if you know anyone in the District, ask them to get involved. Most importantly, pray. Put Lee, Nancy, their family and the entire campaign team in your prayers. Thank you.

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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