The Liberty List grew out of my quest to find and highlight citizens who are stepping forward to go to Congress to help restore America. There are now more than 75. Perhaps none fit the model as well as Deb Fischer. Growing up in Lincoln and graduating from the University of Nebraska, Deb married fellow Cornhusker, Bruce Fischer and joined him in business, ranching at Valentine, NE.  In the 1990’s, interested in education, Deb was elected to her local school board and went on to serve in statewide leadership positions. In 2004 she became a member of the Nebraska unicameral legislature. Again, she quickly rose to lead as she served. It took the first two year Obama record to lead Deb Fischer to consider the call to Washington and the US Senate. Still she announced her candidacy relatively late. With late help from two conservative Super-Pacs and a last minute Facebook endorsement from Sarah Palin, Fischer pulled an enormous upset over two members of the Republican establishment.

Coming out of her May 15 primary win, solid gold pollster Scott Rasmussen found Fischer leading Former Democrat US Senator Bob Kerrey by a whopping 18%. If it were 36% to 18% it would be better for Kerrey. Fischer leads by 56% to 38%. She came out of the primary actually preferred by a significant majority! Allahpundit, May 17: “Can an almost total upstart crush one of the most successful Democrats in recent state history? Apparently, yeah[.]” Deb Fischer will have that conservative Pac money and, as just this past weekend, Sarah and Todd Palin.

You’ll be as excited as I when you check Deb Fischer out on the issues. Second amendment, life, immigration, she is there on all those and on the ones driving this election: taxes, spending, regulations, energy and Obamacare. Deb Fischer is going to Washington to repeal and replace Obamacare. (Some of us will help her with that.) If Nebraska were to send Senator Kerrey, he would go Washington to sustain Obamacare.

So with that lead and with Pacs and Sarah Palin behind her, why does Deb need you? First of all, those Pacs buy advertising, they don’t fund the campaign. She needs your contribution here, just as she needs mine. Equally as important, if you live in Nebraska, volunteer; get involved with this critical Fischer campaign. As always, our prayers are the most important thing we can offer. Put Deb, Bruce, the Fischer family and the entire campaign team in your prayers. Didn’t make that contribution yet? Need a bit more motivation? Take a look:

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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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