Go to Todd Akin’s campaign Web Site and you will be greeted with this full throated expression of his lived out values and clear headed priorities,

“First, I want to give thanks to God, our Creator who has blessed this campaign, heard your prayers, and answered them with victory. Through the months, we have seen frequent instances of His blessings and are reminded that with Him all things are possible!”

But this will be a tough campaign against Claire McCaskill, a first term Democrat, who was swept into office in the voter revolt against tin eared Republicans. McCaskill knows the Democrat’s agenda to radically transform America is completely out of step with Missouri. After she quietly votes with Harry Reid for more bureaucrats and regulations, she works on little projects to show voters she is in their corner to help them cope with the destruction her vote wroth.

There is no reason, with his values and clarity, Todd Akin will not win. He is right on the issues. McCaskill’s radical feminist position on “reproductive rights” will work against her and the two core winning issues for Akin are American energy independence and health care. Todd Akin will go right after Obamacare—“I stand against Obamacare.”

Health care decisions are intensely personal and touch every American. Health care is not about complicated regulations in bureaucratic jargon. Health care is about people; it impacts all of us and more government red-tape does not improve it.

Americans don’t want socialized government control of medicine! We must repeal Obamacare and institute real meaningful medical reforms to put decisions back with doctors and patients.

Congressman Akin’s position on energy is precisely right and he has backed up the words with work in Congress. He will be effective immediately in the U.S. Senate as America turns the disastrous policy around. And energy will be a winning issue in Missouri. Here are two Akin quotes on energy:

The regulations imposed on the energy industry have stifled investment and stalled our ability to keep up with the needs of our nation. As a result, we continue a growing dependence on foreign energy sources.

We must, without delay, expand our access to domestic sources of energy. Today’s technologies allow for greater efficiencies in resource extraction and greater environmental protections. Concurrently, we should continue to explore and invest in new technologies that will help power our cars and light our homes in the future.

Watch and listen as Todd Akin ends this 30 second ad called Freedom’s Flame saying, “This now is our duty and our time.”

Join me in supporting Todd Akin and his campaign. As always, pray for Todd Akin, his family and the entire campaign team. Then, like me, contribute to this key effort in our restoration of America. If you live in Missouri, get active and help make history. Thank you.

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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