“We Americans would rather have another opportunity than another regulation.” —Rick Berg

North Dakota has an interesting electoral history. They never vote for a Democrat presidential candidate but frequently send Democrats to the Congress. Just two years ago, the entire North Dakota Congressional delegation was Democrat but the tide that had lifted them into office was falling. The disastrous Pelosi-Reid-Obama agenda had been enabled by, among others, these North Dakota Democrats. Senator Dorgan retired and, in November, North Dakotans sent successful and popular retiring Governor, John Hoeven (the middle of three trailblazing good/smart government Governors) to the U.S. Senate to help reestablish responsible Constitutional Government.

But Democrat At Large Representative, Earl Pomeroy, not as clear headed as Dorgan, stood for reelection. Pomeroy had to face Governor Hoeven’s partner in Government success, ND House Speaker, Rick Berg. Berg, who was quickly named to the 2010 Liberty List, rolled to victory in November. In January, 2011, Berg took his place among the new Republican House majority in the new 112th Congress. Today, the House has 30 economy and country saving bills passed and waiting on Senate action. Rick Berg has been an effective part of that. Congressman Berg is a member of the conservative and important Republican Study Committee.

But Harry Reid’s Senate (51 Democrats, two Independents and 47 Republicans) have stopped, can stop, and will stop any action to save the economy, save the Constitution and save America. We the People must send (at least4) more Republicans to the Senate in the 113th Congress. Congressman Berg, knowing North Dakota—and the country needs him in the Senate, is running for Senator. Present North Dakota Democrat Senator, Kent Conrad, is smart. He is retiring. The race is between Berg and Democrat nominee Heidi Heitkamp, a well known former North Dakota Attorney General. Unlike Senator Conrad, Heikamp is not bound so tightly to Harry Reid. She will run an adept and tough campaign. But North Dakota must send one of those four patriots to the United States Senate to tie a can to Harry Reid’s tail and send him to a back office. Rick Berg must prevail. He is mounting a savvy campaign and, with the help of patriots from across America, Rick Berg will prevail.

Meet North Dakota’s Rick Berg and become his friend beginning with this introduction from Rick:

“Washington is at the heart of our nation’s problems. Washington spending, waste, taxation, bureaucracy, rules, and regulations have our country off track and headed in the wrong direction. Washington has a moral responsibility to treat each dollar sent there for what it is- the product of hard working people throughout our country.”

Now check Rick Berg out here and learn about his “North Dakota” vision for America here:

Join me in supporting Rick Berg and his campaign. Commit to keep Rick, his family and the entire campaign team in prayer. Then, like me, contribute to this key effort in our restoration of America. If you live in North Dakota, get active and help make history. Thank you.

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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