Don Volaric is running for congress committed to restore America’s promise. For Clinton Township, St. Clair Shores and Suburbs stretching west just north of Detroit, it is the hope and change disillusioned voters thought they had in 2008. This is the old Michigan 12th District and, slightly reconfigured, the new 9th District.

30 year Democrat incumbent, Sander Levin won’t tell you but he is in trouble. There need be no other reason than his robust commitment to Obamacare. Here is his defense of the worst legislation since, perhaps, the Fugitive Slave Act:

Our country took an important step toward affordable health care for all Americans with the passage of the Affordable Care Act. The legislation reforms health care by protecting Americans from the worst insurance industry practices and offering the uninsured and small businesses the opportunity to obtain affordable health care plans, all while reducing the deficit by more than a trillion dollars over the next twenty years.”

Give Levin some credit here. At least the spelling is accurate. Unfortunately everything else is wrong and this introduction is more defensible than the rest.  

Here we have, in Congressman Levin, someone who proudly claims to have been on Speaker Pelosi’s secret panel of special interests and helped write the 2700 pages of boards, bureaus, czars, rules, regulations, taxes, fees, and penalties to say nothing of the planned reduced care. And Sandy Levin didn’t tell voters:

  • That the IRS will be the permanent face of your health care—Don Volaric will.
  • When there is a discrepancy or you disagree with how the PPACA is being administered, you will have to deal with the IRS to resolve the problem—Don Volaric will.
  • The massive permanent expansion of the power and reach of the Internal Revenue Service into your life and business —Don Volaric will.
  • You and your business will be subjected to 47 tax-related provisions that will impose tremendous compliance nightmares—Don Volaric will.
  • You will be subjected to more rule-based decisions about your health and health care without any personal contact—Don Volaric will.
  • Because of the vast scope of the information needed to enforce and administer the act, your privacy is a thing of the past—Don Volaric will.

Those are just a few of the ways the PPACA (that Sandy Levin proudly helped craft) usurped power to the Federal government over your life and the life of every American. Don Volaric will work with Congresswoman Bachmann and the others to repeal the PPACA pass real market based reform.

Again, Don Volaric is committed to restore America’s promise. Here are the core beliefs he says will guide him in the hard work ahead:

  • I support the United States Constitution
  • I believe in limited government and States Rights
  • I will never raise taxes and I will stop government spending
  • I support replacing the federal income tax with the Fair Tax (1st) or Flat Tax 15% across the board, no subsidies (2nd).
  • I will protect personal property and inheritance rights
  • I am Pro-Life
  • I believe the family is sovereign (off base), the 4th & 5th amendment.
  • I will work for a strong national defense based on technology, not nation building
  • I will work toward immigration reform, no amnesty and secure borders
  • I support the responsible cultivation and use of our domestic resources
  • I believe in energy independence as a key part of our national security and renewed job creation
  • I support educational choice of public, private, charter and home schooling
  • I will maintain support of our rich agricultural heritage
  • I support National Sovereignty
  • I believe Congress can only declare war.
  • I support auditing the Federal Reserve.

Join me in supporting Don Volaric and his campaign. As always, pray for Don Volaric, his family and the entire campaign team. Then, like me, contribute to this key effort in our restoration of America. If you live in or near the Michigan 9th District, get active and help make history. Thank you.

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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