Many progressive Web Sites are proclaiming President Obama a success. The Administration, the Democrats, the sold out fraud media and The Obama is (fill in the blank—king for example) campaign are proclaiming President Obama a success. Vice President Biden, for example, declared, “bin Laden is dead and General Motors lives.”

This is a big mistake. In response to Biden, I tweeted, “Ambassador Chris Stevens is dead and al Qaida lives.” The more they proclaim success, the more imperative it is to replace President Obama. Much like the famous Emerson quote, “The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons.” One progressive outfit has a list of well over 100 successes. But they are virtually all Executive Orders which expand Federal power. If President Obama continues at this pace, he will have issued more Executive Orders than all 12 Presidents from Franklin Roosevelt until January, 2009.

President Obama takes credit for every little success of the government and blames others for every one of his failures. All of the Administration officers and spokespeople act exactly the same. Democrats, the fraud media, Hollywood, and academia have sold out in the same way. The few successes in the past four years are all Prince Obama’s and the failure are someone else’s from President Bush to some YouTube movie trailer of which no one has heard much less seen.

Then there is the willingness of Obama to be—and of the secular Progressive left to embrace as—a man-god. This would likely have worked in success but can only fail in this present massive National defeat. Let me make the point with the imagery they are projecting. Representative examples are the Lenin-like “Hope,” the basic “O” logo and the Obama American flag.

All three have been Photoshoped thousands of times—usually to ridicule. The flag was taken down quickly because of negative reaction from patriotic Americans. But the Obama takeover operation (er, I mean campaign) continues to promote the others. Take the “limited copy” sale of several items represented by this artist’s sleight of brush on the American flag, for sale at “Obama Inc.”

Items like this might achieve a goal of promoting our new man-god in National success. But in this present massive corruption and abject failure, they are easy targets to ridicule and defeat President Obama. Here is a flag-man comparison promoted by Speaker Gingrich, “Chairs and Stripes” by Branco at Legal Insurrection, and a “RushShop” exposing a specific corruption.

This is a political mistake made by an arrogant Obama, Democrat Party, and Progressive left. It is a fatal trap of their own making. The Republican national Committee just released this one minute commercial exploiting Obama’s self-made trap and powerfully demonstrating my point.

If the Republicans, the Tea Parties and patriots across America work with urgency, pray without ceasing and vote with character, President Obama will go down to a massive defeat taking many Democrats with him leaving behind for the heavy lifting of rebuilding and restoring this ‘Sweet Land of Liberty.”

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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