Perhaps, like me, you noticed President Obama has led a chorus calling for “more fairness.” I thought this was nonsense. I may have been wrong. What makes “more fairness” hard to agree with is that it is not fair. We all should be able to agree with anyone who calls, not for “more fairness,” but simply calls for “fair” as in, “a fair America.”

Now, that we—all 311 million of us—are in agreement to have “a fair America,” we need to ask a key question—who decides? Who decides? Maybe we cannot answer the question, “who decides?” until we have the qualifications worked out for “the One” to fill that role. It must be only one because many would not each make the same judgments thereby being unfair.

Since it is to be only one; that One must be someone with perfect judgment and infinite wisdom. That One cannot have a natural bias towards any particular identity group such as Hispanics or the unemployed or the disabled. Fairness seems, by definition, to call for the end to any identity group. It actually is beginning to appear that the One must love everyone.

But wait. There must really be two identity groups. One group is for all those who are perfect and the other group includes all those who are not. The One who makes that determination (perfectly every time) clearly must be able to know perfectly everything about each American’s life from conception until now. No wait! It must be from conception until death. I could be wrong but it appears the second group will be much larger than the first. Actually I have never met or heard of anyone who would qualify for the first group—except Christ.

Oh my Lord. There it is right in front of us. The only One who can establish fairness is God—and He already did! It’s just that we have never called it fairness. We call it grace and, perhaps more interchangeably than we know, we call it forgiveness. So now it is clear. Fairness has been with us for about 1917 years. Fair is always available to every American at all times. Holy Week! Fair is available to non-Americans as well. Wow. Wait until the word gets out! Every Muslim on the face of the earth has fairness available and can stop hating everyone. Right here in America, all of the Democrat Party and much of the Republican Party can stop seeking more fairness and get busy on productive work. Abortion will be a thing of the past. All special interests like the lobbying firm for General Electric and The Congressional Black Caucus can disband. That United Methodist congregation can go back to performing marriages. Finally, there will be no further need for this blog, The Patriot’s Trumpet.

On the other hand . . .

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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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