The Supreme Court of the United States of America heard two cases this past week; both were about changing the definition of marriage.

The Minnesota legislature is in the process of changing the definition of marriage. The Minnesota House and Senate have completed hearings on the matter. The legislation will be passed this month. The real questions are being avoided. Today that changes. This is a starter of questions that must be raised.

The Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee voted 5-3 to approve the change March 12. This was reported by the Associated Press; the news was run by newspapers across the country. The story has since been pulled. This is the url for the story in the San Francisco Chronicle: http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Minnesota-Senate-panel-passes-gay-marriage-bill-4347058.php#photo-4316927 This page and story no longer exists. The same is true for other newspapers that had run the story. The story is gone.

Question 1: Who at AP wiped the story from the internet? Why?

Question 2: Does a Minnesota legislator have the authority to redefine the word “marriage?” If so, where did she get it?  There seems to be no language in the Minnesota Constitution that grants her the power. If language granting that power were somehow found in the Constitution, who had the authority to put it there? Could some select individuals secretly have evolved that power? Were a large number of these evolved individuals chosen by the Minnesota voters to fill the legislature?

Question 3: Is something unique and peculiar about the word “marriage?” Can the Minnesota Legislature redefine any word? Grab a word. Can the words that form our vocabulary about the Universe we live in be redefined by the Minnesota legislature?

Question 4: What about words that frame other legal contracts? Can property be redefined? If a Warranty Deed establishes ownership in real property, what happens if the word “land” is changed to “tacos?” You no longer have the real property at a legal location. You only have any tacos that may be there.

Question 5: What if they decide to redefine the word truth? Jesus Christ declared that He, Himself is the truth. Perhaps none of those Minnesota legislators finds that troubling either.  Welcome the Brave New World.

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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