The real context for the events in Boston Monday

Minute Man.Lexington Green

As most of us now know, Massachusetts celebrates Patriots’ Day annually the third Monday of April. Actually, Maine and the Wisconsin public schools do too. This is of course to honor the patriots who chose God as their sovereign and Jesus as their King—not George of England—at Lexington and Concord, April 19, 1775 marking the commencement of the American Revolutionary War. The typical definition of “patriot” is, “someone who feels or voices expressions of support for their country.” This works for patriots of most countries but not the American patriot whose pledge is, “My country ‘tis of thee, Sweet land of Liberty.” That is God given—endowed—Liberty; which brings us to the 2013 Boston Marathon.


As we all learned, the Boston Marathon is always held on Patriots’ Day. Most learned that the Boston Marathon is one of the six World Marathon Majors. It is not a stretch to call it the most prestigious marathon in the world with the highest entrance standards.

Who would possibly want to launch a terrorist attack at the 2013 Boston Marathon? That’s pretty clear. It would be those who are at war with American Liberty. Could it be progressives? After all, Progressive President Obama’s friend, Bill Ayers, is an unrepentant domestic progressive terrorist. Actually American progressives are very pleased with the success they are having with abortion, destruction of the family, dominance in schools and universities, the “news” media, and Hollywood. Many of the Marathon runners are sympathetic to most of the progressive agenda. No. Radical American progressives would not terrorize the Boston Marathon.

Islamic Jihad at work

Of course these terrorists that hit Boston Monday are Islamic jihadists. Has any stepped forward to claim credit? Not yet. But go here for a list of nearly 20 Muslim leaders praising the attack. This is not some half baked young American charged up by a rant from a wild eyed Imam at the local mosque. The symbolism of the attack on Patriots’ Day is exactly what al Qaeda linked jihadists do. Dear reader, you are at war. This is your declared enemy.  Committed Islamists understand that Islam cannot exist where freedom reigns.  This war is the story of the twenty first century. Never forget domestic radical, Dave Foreman, paraphrasing Jesus, said, “This is war. There are no sidelines and there are no spectators.”

IED control; not gun control

Rush.Who knew

One more thing, we must not “let this crisis go to waste.” Members of Congress, such as Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman, Dianne Feinstein, D, CA, need to forget about legislating gun control against law abiding American Citizens and pass a tough law against IEDs (improvised explosive devices) in America.

Update: Today Rush addressed the daunting task ahead as we head down the road of IED control.

RUSH: . . . Well, I don’t know.  Background check on the pressure cooker?  May happen.  Do the mentally ill use pressure cookers?  I’m trying to think.  I think, you know, when I was growing up, I saw one.  I think my grandmother had a pressure cooker.  If I’m not mistaken, I saw one being used. It was on the top of her stove.  I didn’t know she was so dangerous.  She had a pressure cooker, and it was on the top of the stove.  There was something in it.  I don’t know what she had in it.  But it was on top of the stove and there was smoke coming out of there.  Something was escaping from it.  Well, yeah, it would have exploded had the pressure cooker top not been on top of the pressure cooker, keeping the pressure inside.  She could have blown up the kitchen and everybody in it.

Private sales of pressure cookers?  I don’t know how you stop that.  How you gonna stop a pressure cooker private sale?  My grandmother didn’t like hers and wanted to sell it to somebody down the street, how you gonna stop that?  I don’t know unless you register them.  That would be the only way you would know.  If there’s an exchange of pressure cookers, you know, from one person to — well, that’s another thing, too.  I was gonna mention that.  I don’t know why a private citizen needs ball bearings.  What in the name of Sam Hill does anybody, in a private home in this country, need with ball bearings? . . .

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