The Raw Story headline said, “Texas special session to pass strict anti-abortion bill.”

“After the Texas state Senate failed to pass an anti-abortion bill that would ban abortion after 20 weeks and enact strict measures on abortion clinics that are likely to close all but five clinics in the state, the Texas legislature reconvened to conduct another “emergency” session to pass the bill.

The bill failed to come to a vote before the midnight deadline on June 26, due to a more than 10-hour filibuster by Texas [S]tate Sen. Wendy Davis (D), several other Democratic state senators delaying on poins of order and a rancorous crowd. Almost immediately after the bill’s defeat, Republican Gov. Rick Perry ordered the legislature to gather for a special session to pass the bill.”

Legally allowing abortion through 20 weeks is labeled “strict.” Expecting the same clinical standards for removing a dead or about to be dead baby from a pregnant woman as for a tonsillectomy are called “strict measures” in America. But a baby killed at twenty (or 10 or 5) weeks is just as dead as one killed at 24 or 36 weeks. Every baby killed in the false name of “Women’s rights” is evil—EVIL. Every other approach is only a rationalization no different than a child trying to bend the rules, i.e.

“Hey Ma, is this shirt too dirty to wear?” young Johnny called down the stairs. “If there is any question,” answered his mother, “It’s too dirty to wear.” Abortion is just as simple. If a pregnancy was “terminated,” a baby was killed.

There is no question the people of Texas would stand against any and every abortion if they had their rightful sovereign choice. We should not be surprised at the “rancor” we have witnessed in the Texas matter. You may be familiar with the incident in the Texas Capitol building where a few hundred prolife Texans were singing Amazing Grace. They were surrounded by a similar number of pro-abortion activists chanting, “Hail Satan, hail Satan.” Liberty Counsel Action’s Matt Barber has written a must read analysis in WND showing an impact this is already having. For the Progressive left, abortion is clearly their sacrament and they do know their god.

We can agree that one abortion is an act of evil. But those individual acts do not by themselves bring a civilization down. The proclamation of the emanation of a penumbra in the Constitution that abortion is the law of the land is what has brought darkness upon our Nation. Let’s quantify the abortion evil of this present darkness a bit.

Let’s start with the World. There will be about 135,000 abortions worldwide today. That will accumulate to about 49 million babies killed this and every year. Since 1980 the accumulation has reached more than 1 billion 300 million babies slaughtered. Pause. Let that sink in: more than 113,500 babies will be killed today for nothing more than, “Hail Satan.”

Here in the United States 3,300 babies will die today for the “right” of abortion. We are killing 1,200,000 babies per year in America and have piled up 56 million 397 thousand little babies since the 1973 Roe v Wade decision. We can hardly comprehend.

This is so important. These numbers are not understandable unless we clearly understand the wonder and value of one little human being. Please watch or re-watch this Conception to birth with Dr. Alexander Tsiaras:

You see we are killing thousands—millions—billions of these little marvels from God. It is O.K. Weep with me.

We are all guilty. But those personally invested in this evil have a burden you and I do not bear and cannot understand. Let us look at two examples.

Planned Parenthood is the leading business monetizing the evil of abortion; they perform about 345,000 abortions/year. American taxpayers (you and me) send Planned Parenthood more than $700 million each year. That works out to more than $2,000 for each “procedure” as supplemental revenue for PPA. Planned Parenthood is at the center of an untold insidious aspect of American abortion. But first let us find a face for the evil that is abortion.

The face of this evil in America is self-appointed by word and deed. An Illinois State Senator would not qualify for the face an evil of this proportion. I have no idea how a United States Senator could be qualified either. But a President of the United States who, by word and deed, is “down for the struggle”—that would qualify. President Obama is no “late to the party” or “abortions that are safe, legal and rare” like President Clinton. No, no! He got busy laying down a record for the future face for abortion as a young State Senator. Here is the partial record from BornAliveTruth.org:



February 22: Born Alive Infants Protection Act (Senate Bill 1095) was first introduced in the Illinois Senate.

March 28: Then State Senator Barack Obama voted “NO” on the bill in the Senate Judiciary Committee. (Re: dating, the bill was introduced one day, and the vote was held the next. The tally is dated the day the hearing on the bill began.)

March 30: Obama spoke against the bill on the Senate floor.

March 30: Obama voted “PRESENT” on the Senate floor.


January 30: Born Alive Infants Protection Act (Senate Bill 1662) was reintroduced after failing to become law the prior year.

March 6: Then State Senator Barack Obama voted “NO” on the bill in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

April 4: Obama spoke against the bill on the Senate floor.

April 4: Obama voted “NO” on the Senate floor.

July 18: Congress passed the federal version of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

August 5: The federal version of the Born Alive Infants Protection was signed by the President into law.

(That would be President G. W. Bush.)


February 19: Born Alive Infants Protection Act (Senate Bill 1082) was reintroduced after failing to become law the prior year.

March 13: After first voting for an amendment to make the Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act identical to the federal version, Obama voted against the bill. (Re: dating, the bill was introduced one day, and the vote was held the next. The tally is dated the day the hearing on the bill began.)

The next year Mr. Obama went on to the United States Senate where he said, “If one of my daughters makes a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.” (Something like a STD to him.)

President Obama became the first U.S. President to speak at the Annual Planned Parenthood Conference, April 26, 2013, “reaffirming the core principle that has guided the organization for nearly a century…”

“As long as we’ve got to fight to protect a woman’s right to make her own choices about her own health, I want you to know You’ve also got a President who’s right there with ya’ fighting every step of the way…. Thank you Planned Parenthood. God bless you.”

Notice killing babies is renamed, “Women’s right to health choices.” “Woe unto them that call evil good…” The Prophet Isaiah proclaimed.

Now we turn to the insidious aspect of Planned Parenthood unknown to almost everyone but clear to the hard core progressives including President Obama. The black race is a target of the abortion brigade at large and particularly of Planned Parenthood—78% of PPA abortion facilities are in minority neighborhoods. Let’s consider two 40%s. First: about 40% of all black conceptions end in a baby killing abortion. Second: About 40% of all abortions in the United States are performed on black women. The original Planned Parenthood objective is being carried out before this Nation’s collective eyes. This month Travon Martin and his mother are offered up as National race victims, consider this image of another black whose mother mourns alone Mr. President:

Consider this babies mother

Finally, consider these images, Mr. President:

No 1 Killer.blacks

Endangered species

And you, committed worker for good, may want to visit and know this Web Site:

Black Genocide.org

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