Silence from President Obama and the U. S. Government

January 3, 2011, Islamophobia Today posted this statement supporting the Religion of Peace (ROP). JEDDAH: Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah Aal Al-Sheikh, the Grand Mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, issued a statement Sunday condemning the attack on the church in Alexandria, Egypt, describing it as a “criminal act” and has no relation to Islam.

It has been months since the same “tolerant” Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah of the same ROP issued his fatwa against Christians, “It is necessary to destroy all churches in the region.” No word about it from Islamophobia Today. Like the Western press, the Islam supporting President Obama and his Christian persecuting government were equally silent. But within Islam, the fatwa against Christians got around—and terror, death and destruction fell on Christians in Muslim dominated countries.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt needed no Saudi marching orders. Their attacks against Christians and churches have increased until it reached a crescendo August 14. Coptic World counted 53 MB attacks against churches and Christian groups that one day. Fifty three!

Actually no Muslim anywhere heeded the Saudi fatwa. has kept a running tally of reported Muslim attacks against Christians since September 11, 2001. This June they recorded a relatively peaceful month, noting 12 attacks in 8 countries killing 9 and wounding 30. They don’t try to tally rapes. Even though they miss so much, this is a valuable list because in records the steady drumbeat of Islamic violence and evil—page after page after page, month after month, year after year.

But the admittedly misses violence—the fact is they miss alot. They had a big miss just this June in Iraq. 140 Christians were killed and at least 13 Christian women were abducted and raped. Violence against Christians and churches in Iraq dates back to June 2004 when a church was ransacked and burned in Bagdad. More than 70 have been burned since.

Apart from the Arab world, Christians deal with Islamic attacks frequently in India, Philippines and Indonesia. Other religious sects are attacked regularly as well in India. Indonesia is often represented as an example of “Muslim moderation.” In fact, Indonesia has had frequent deadly attacks on Christians for years.

100-200 million Christians persecuted by Islam

“Few people realize that we are today living through the largest persecution of Christians in history. Estimates of the numbers of Christians under assault range from 100-200 million. According to one estimate, a Christian is martyred every five minutes. Most of this persecution is taking place at the hands of Muslims.”

Crucified Again

I just ordered Raymond Ibrahim’s Crucified Again. Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the irreplaceable David Horowitz Freedom Center and an associate fellow of the Middle East Forum. “What he documents in this meticulously researched and clearly argued book is a human rights disaster of monumental proportions.” Fluent in Arabic, he has been tracking what he calls “one of the most dramatic stories” of our time in the reports and witnesses that appear in Arabic newspapers, news shows, and websites, but that rarely get translated into English or picked up by the Western press.

But Canada Free Press just published a piece Sunday by Bruce Thornton on Ibriham’s work with the above shocking revelations. In Iraq half of the Christians have fled.


In 2010, A notable example, Our Lady of Salvation Church in Baghdad was bombed during mass, with fifty-eight killed and hundreds wounded. See photo records of the carnage here and here. Even if you order Crucified Again you will want to check out these links and read Thornton’s piece at the Canada Free Press.

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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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