This is a re-posting of my post of a year ago. As we look back 12 months, I turned out to be incredibly prophetic. I hope your rereading will energize you for the opportunities 2014 will bring.

In The Darkness of this post-November 5th Abyss—A Call to Action—To Live Victoriously

Posted on December 1, 2012 by Richard Johnson

The world is full of constitutions. If “constitution” were defined by the essence and nature of our constitution, the Constitution for the United States of America, there would only be one. All the rest should be seen as phony. Only that one American Constitution was made to protect God given Liberty and to restrict the power of the Federal Government.

Over the past 75 years those restrictions on government were rendered ineffective and inoperable—mostly through the courts. Citizens, conservative and liberal alike, Christian believers and nonbelievers alike, kept voting to allow this choking of Liberty. Now we no longer have a Constitutional government or Constitutional protection. Welcome to the abyss.

Christians living in Biblical times did not have the protection of the Constitution nor have most Christians since. We few hundred million living in America have been unique—until now. Now there is no Constitutional protection from the reach of an all-powerful federal executive branch. Clearly the light of God’s special grace has left America in the face of rampant massive apostasy.

The active practice of Christianity in America is already under attack. Interestingly, as we resist the attacks, we will be vilified by other “Christians” as well as the full-throated attacks from the fraud media.

Of course we must resist these attacks but we must understand the larger takeover of the United States government that is underway with breathtaking speed.

This takeover will be applauded, not opposed by the fraud media. The elected leaders of the Democrat Party are in on it (or think they are). There is plenty of discipline to keep rank and file democrats in line. If they have any patriotic intention, they will get the Les Aspin “neutering” treatment.

Republican leadership? Oh, you’re drawing a blank! There seems to be none. What was left of Romney after the BHO juggernaut was finished off by the vicious, uncalled for counterproductive postelection trashing by Republicans and so called Conservative members of the media. Clearly Speaker Boehner and his leadership team cannot stop the BHO power grab; they will not even be able to get out of the way. Senate Minority Leader McConnell and his team are, in my opinion, more adept and will get out of the way. Senators Graham and McCain? Com’on, they know what’s written here is on target.

Life in the abyss is fast paced and dangerous. It is also a place of darkness where the confused and lost will be seeking direction. That’s where you and I come in. The light of Christ must shine victoriously in each of us. Let your light pierce this present darkness!

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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