Is President Obama a Christian? I don’t care!

It began a week ago at a private dinner of business executives in New York City with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Former 911 New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani spoke. In the context of his analysis of how America’s national security and standing in the world has been decimated in the past six years, he said “I do not believe, and I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that the president loves America,” setting off an Obama-loving media firestorm. Many media leftists jumped at the opportunity at a new line of attack on Governor Walker. The Despicable Dana Milbank (who makes his living calling light darkness and darkness light) is a perfect example.

The horde of Milbank type haters (I love to use their pejoratives) moved in their assault on Walker from “does Obama love America?” to “Is Obama a Christian?” Governor Walker’s perfect reply was, “I don’t know.” Perfect? Yes. A Christian is anyone who has sincerely accepted Jesus Christ’s gift of redemption and eternal life. This is the last thing any public office holder or seeker should speculate about. I do not recall the question being put to any public person before. Of course this horde of Obama sycophants must clearly be a first.

“We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation—ah…,” President Obama, Ankara Turkey, April 6, 2009.

“Our nation is ridiculed abroad and morally crumbling within.  We Are In Trouble”

My interest is not in President Obama’s beliefs but rather in his results. In totality, his Presidency is the greatest disaster in America since the War Between the States. But let us just focus on our standing in the world—specifically in terms of the accelerating rise of this present Islamic Jihad.

President Obama and his regime have stood by or actively aided Iran at every critical turn. Do not be misled. His capitulation to Putin at every intersection of conflict must be read as unwillingness to damage anything that might get in the way of his vision for a long term partnership with Iran. We learned for the first time yesterday from the National Council of Resistance of Iran the details of an underground top-secret site currently used by Iranian regime for research & development on nuclear field using advanced centrifuges for uranium enrichment. Does Secretary Kerry know? Does President Obama know? Do they care?

In the world of Sunni Islam, the President’s actions during the “Arab Spring” were to put American influence directly behind the Muslim Brotherhood at every turn. In the case of Egypt, when the Egyptian people rejected the MB. Obama withdrew American aid and cooperation from the popular and effective government of President Abdel Fattah elSisi. Here at home the Obama Regime has systematically befriended every Muslim Brotherhood unindicted coconspirator organization in America.

Again, I cannot say if President Obama is a Christian. I can say, without reservation, that he defends Islam at every turn and consistently fails to stand up for Christ or His cause. Reverend Franklin Graham said it best yesterday:

Franklin Graham.1

“Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has taken a lot of heat from the media for his remark that he’s not sure if President Obama really loves America. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I do know that the president defends Islam and chastises Christians, rebukes our allies and befriends our enemies, and fully supports gay marriages and abortion but denies the religious freedoms of those who don’t agree. Our nation is ridiculed abroad and morally crumbling within. We are in trouble. We have turned our back on God.”

I do believe we have a last chance to turn America around by commencing two long term actions. First, Christian activists and pastors must immediately become the “salt” Jesus directed us to be in our culture. And equally important is the need for freedom loving patriots to rebuild key institutions and Constitutional protections at home and fear as well as respect for America abroad.

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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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