For Weeks I have included this line in my daily email to “patriots” across America:

“We the People” ~A force to turn the Democrats out and turn the Republicans inside out!

Well, we are clear about turning the Democrats out. What about turning the Republicans inside out? Simple. The Republican Party is the only viable vehicle and rational choice through which we reclaim and restore Constitutional government and America (Liberty) herself. But the Republican Party needs to be cleaned up and refocused.

There are powerful forces, special interests and identity groups in Washington to protect their turf and their entitled nipple on the national mother hog. November 2nd will not change that. Nor will the committee staffs change. Members of the House and Senators are used to that established system. Senators, especially are many times closer to lobbyists than to We the People. Expect the job of cleaning up and refocusing the Republican Party to be a tough job. But it is not too early to start.

I believe we had an early prime example Tuesday. Stories were flying about Republican leaders planning ways to find “middle ground” with Obama. It “leaked” that they were not planning to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Blowback started immediately! A prime location of the blowback was Rush on his program.

Backpedaling started immediately. A denial from Senator McConnell came quickly. And, Congressman Issa of California called Rush’s show. As you may guess, Issa was anxious to find language that would satisfy Rush and therefore, We the People —and he did!

Wednesday evening on Fox, Hannity, making his introduction, characterized Senator Jim DeMint as “Revolutionizing the Republican Party.” DeMint did not deny the characterization. Furthermore, he declared the movers to reverse the direction of America aren’t so much himself but, yes, the Tea Parties —but more than that, “the American people” (We the People). DeMint went on, “We (Republicans) have got to be the party of limited Constitutional Government.” Senator DeMint, in the 7 minute Hannity interview said everything you and I say, and in many ways, did it better. Listen to the interview HERE.

We have reason to be excited indeed this 21st day of October, 2010.

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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  1. Greg Loftus says:

    DeMint has it right. Big government and the expenditures required to just keep it at its present level will simply sink the plow horse in mud up to its shoulders. Three trillion dollars in the RED in 2 years clearly shows that those democrats and the rinos think my tax dollars come from the trees out back. Of course “show ponies” never did know exactly where the feed came from as it was the “work horses” that pulled the hey-wagon. GREG

    • Great to see on of the “big horses” in the conversation. Point about “that hopy changy” show horse made. Now I don’t know if you are calling Sen DeMint or me a plow horse. I always heard if you are in a race, you want a race horse not a plow horse. In seriousness, DeMint is the real deal. Listen now, he is not there at this time accidentally.

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