In Remaking the Republicans: Part I, I wrote:

There are powerful forces, special interests and identity groups in Washington to protect their turf and their entitled nipple on the national mother hog. November 2nd will not change that. Nor will the committee staffs change. Members of the House and Senators are used to that established system. Senators, especially, are many times closer to lobbyists than to We the People. Expect the job of cleaning up and refocusing the Republican Party to be a tough job. But it is not too early to start. The rest is HERE.

We have outstanding help, Rush Limbaugh. He was in the lead on my Part I post. There was a dust-up this week over House Republicans preparation to help furnish experienced staff to new incoming members. There was an uproar Monday. I pay no attention to Peggy Noonan, who is selling a book but normally is very elitist. Eric Erickson often is on target but also is often grinding his own axe. Tuesday Rush got involved. I think he, too, overreacted. I think he knew it. His broadside attack was purposeful.

“According to Roll Call, ‘[a] Republican aide confirmed leadership’s interest in having staff that works well with Boehner to move the agenda forward.’ And even better, the lobbyists and strategists are in on the act, as well — one lobbyist saying, ‘[y]ou want to be sure that the newbies, when they hit town, do not necessarily bring their campaign staff to run their Congressional offices, because in some cases they are totally ill-equipped.'”  Do you understand what this means?  You got all of these freshmen that are going to emerge victorious, the Republican leadership are saying, “Fine and dandy that you’ve won, but don’t bring your staff here.  We’ll staff you because your staff doesn’t know the ways and the workings and the intricacies, how things get done here in the House of Representatives.”  And this little bit of a red flag goes up.  The dirty little secret here is, if I may be so bold, the Republican Party has nothing to do with the Tea Party.  The Republican Party did not inspire the Tea Party.  The Republican Party kept its distance from the Tea Party at first.  The Republican Party has not inspired any of the ideas in the Tea Party.  I’m talking about Republican leadership.  It’s not universal.  There are some leaders that saw it early on and got involved with it, but the basic premise here is that it is the Tea Party that is causing the Republican Party to benefit.”  Read it all HERE.

This development is profoundly comforting because we now know there are several people with profound reach and influence who are on guard like us. Furthermore, if we know it, the Republican hierarchy clearly knows it.

I’m going to disagree with Rush on a couple points. The idea of finding an experiences staffer for each new Member is actually a good plan and will benefit incoming inexperienced staffs. Furthermore the Republican House leadership is very good and will move to this new reality quite quickly. Eric Cantor is a first class patriot.

I am very familiar with about 100 candidates and campaigns. Most of them did not rise up in the Tea Parties. Many, like Ron Johnson, in Wisconsin, were not Tea Party activists. Some are actually great citizens who have been serving in State legislatures. They all did respond like the activists and the rest of us to the destruction Obama-Reid-Pelosi reigned on America.

Finally, the Republican Party has made its infrastructure and money available to most of these campaigns. The Alaska and Delaware messes are notable exceptions. They demonstrate the Senate Republicans are far more problematic than the House.

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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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  1. Greg Loftus says:

    We have to remain alert, committed, and involved after the election and support the newly elected conservatives. We got too comfortable with Bushs and Reagan. GREG

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