Democrats Got the Real Obama Meaning of Civility, The President Gave Them Cover.

“Senate Democrats,” says Alexander Bolton at The Hill, “are pouncing on Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-Wis.) role in delivering the Republican response to the State of the Union address to make the case that Republicans are intent on destroying Social Security and Medicare.”

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), the master political strategist for Senate Democrats, wants to turn Ryan into a bogeyman that voters think about whenever they hear about a Republican proposal to cut federal spending.

Schumer’s strategy reflects an effort to revitalize a party messaging operation that many Democrats say fell apart after Obama won the White House. Senate Democrats face a daunting political map in 2012 and are looking to launch early, coordinated attacks on Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) new majority. 

Schumer’s strategy is to highlight the link between GOP efforts to cut as much as $50 billion from the federal budget and a “roadmap” to create private accounts for Social Security and Medicare that Ryan created.

“This is an initial volley in a three-day effort — 72-hour window — to try to muddle Paul Ryan’s foray onto the national scene,” said a senior Senate Democratic aide. “We want to make the House Republicans or Republicans at large own his roadmap and what it would entail for Social Security.”

It is clear this “72-hour window” is an orchestrated part of Stage II of the Cloward-Piven Strategy battle plan to defeat the Republicans, demoralize, discourage, dishearten, dispirit and intimidate “We the People” and seize “permanent power.” That the battle plan leaves the Country destroyed and in ruins is irrelevant to these Secular Fundamentalist haters —all the easier to fundamentally transform. We knew this and more was coming. Even so, the naked lying willfulness is jolting.

 There are Democrats who do not lie all the time. We just never hear them. The ones we hear are the hate filled Secular Fundamentalists who are in conscience active revolt against the author of Liberty. Keep in mind this orchestrated Schumer-Reid led 72-hour window is just an element of the battle plan. Bolton has done a fine job of laying out the Democrats ploy. Read it all HERE.

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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