As Jews celebrate the 8 days of Hanukkah this year, a rare thing is happening. Hanukkah, December 20-27, is bracketing Christmas.

Hanukkah is the celebration of the completion of the rebuilt Second Temple and marks miracles given the Jews from G-d during the Temple dedication. The rebuilt Temple was the grand legacy of King Herod the Great. The rebuilt Temple was a larger more glorious structure than the original Solomon’s Temple and the Second Temple It was likely completed less than 10 years before the birth of Jesus Christ and was essential in His birth as well as His last Passover week.

Christmas is, of course, always celebrated on December 25th by all Western Christians. Christians do not observe Hanukkah. Perhaps we should.

The Church in Rome established the celebratory observance of the birth of Christ to co-opt the pagan celebration that marked getting through another winter solstice. But this “political” decision allowed for the occasional bracketing of Christmas by Hanukkah. Clearly King Herod used the rebuilt Second Temple for his own ego and glory. But G-d (to honor all Jews celebrating Hanukkah) used Herod’s ego for His purpose and His glory.

That link above gives you a wonderful explanation of the Hanukkah miracles.

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