They will blame the Republicans and get away with it. And the Republicans are helping them.

This is so serious it will change the political and economic landscape in America forever. Daily, in my email to patriots, we define this task for “We the People,” to turn the Democrats out and turn the Republicans inside out.

The assumption is that in order to save America and restores Constitutional government; we must rid the system of the people bent on destroying this sweet land of Liberty—in other words, Democrats. The assumption is the control of the Republican Party can be returned to “We the People” from the special vested Washington interests. We could have not had a better start than the 2010 election from Congress to Governors to Legislatures.

If the Democrats destroy the Social Security system, as is their clear intent, and replace Medicare with single payer health care, as is their clear intent, the great American experiment in human Liberty will be lost. Does that mean those programs are what America is about? No. That means the Democrats will have created a state run old age welfare program and a state run health care system. This is the core of the Marxist plan to turn independent Americans into cradle to grave dependent serfs.

The vicious unrelenting smear of Speaker Gingrich by Washington establishment Republicans is a pretty clear sign they will fight like Democrats to keep their position of secondary power. (Of course Democrats have the primary inside Washington power.) If these House Republicans lose the looming February battle, Democrats may unbelievably prevail next November and go on to successfully destroy America. And, if that happens, in February, we may quickly need to build a new political vehicle. The immediate 2012 goal would be to defeat the Democrats and let the Republican Party die.

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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