The simple point is Sandra Fluke’s story has no credibility. (It seems I was too subtle yesterday) This woman would be in demand if she was the only female shipwrecked on an island with one or more men. In that case, no one would look around for the government.  “Reproductive justice” would not come up. But her environment is not a remote island, it is Georgetown University. In other words she has competition—lots of competition.

What does it take to interest a man? Fortunately many have already done the work. A Web Site called The Truthful Man has laid out the essential qualities. The details are at the Site but he begins by declaring, “The truth about how we think . . . this won’t take long; men aren’t that deep.” He succinctly covers these essentials: A strong laugh, eye contact, confidence, adventurous, mystery, physical contact, bedroom eyes and looks.

Here again is Ms. ($3000/year our money) Fluke.

Look here at the Patriot’s Trumpet in coming days.  We shall find other ways to thank Sandra Fluke.

Update: An outfit called “The Silicon Valley Mercury News” has a number of pictures of Ms. Fluke further demonstrating her level of demand (desirability). It turns out Ms. Fluke is a large woman. Rush would have been better served calling her an Amazon woman.

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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